• Claude

    I was able to upgrade my Iphone without the ADT sim.

    Like all good guy i did not read the instruction before and got totaly locked. A message was telling me that i’m not and ADT subscriber…Nevetheless,I’ve decided to use the Ziphone at that specific time. the phone was restore to 1.1.4. Than i just add the SIM from Rogers and it work fine.

  • Dusty


  • April Fools

    Re: Breaking : Iphone in Canada announced by Rogers

    Happy April Fools to you too buddy!!!

  • Pradeep

    How can I turn off EDGE on my iphone (ver 1.1.4 ?
    Any help would be appreciated.


  • William

    Hi: how do you get rid of icons on face and also change icons

    my thanks

  • Nigel

    how do you download ringtones on your iphone?

  • Andras Paskuj

    Hello Gary

    Finelly my iPhone is working…can you remember me ?? Now I have a problem, i cant download nothing to my iphone, Safari not working, Youtobe, i can use Instaler, i cant download from instaler….Error Package download failed: can-t find host!
    If you can help me now…what should i made ??

  • iPhone Fan

    William: Keep your finger down on the screen and the icons will “wiggle”

    Nigel: Search for my post on ringtones

    Andras: I remember you, I will respond shortly. 🙂

  • Sam

    What unlock program should i use to unlock my iphone?

  • Angie

    I’ve had my iPhone since October and currently use Fido. I’ve had no problems using it in Canada but when I drive across the border, it does not work in the USA. Has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it?

  • herrington

    when I recieve or make phone calls I get a buzzing noise on both my side and caller side. The noise is far more louder / annoying on caller side. Is it my phone? Or the unlocking program. Please help!!

  • Jean Major

    Ok I wanted to conect my iPhone with Fido but they can’t because I need a IMEI code from a Fido phone. For them to be able to access my file they need this code so that I could have internet on my iPhone. Otherwise than that they can’t have accesss to the program because it does not see that what I have is their phone. Could someone give me a IMEI code from one of their phone from Fido and it has to be a Canadian phone. To be able to have this number take your Fido phone and enter the following *#06# and it will give you your IMEI code, this is what I need..



  • alexa

    I have downloaded numerous themes from the installer, and i have NO idea how to get any of those themes to work,or where they downloaded too, for that matter. If someone who has successfully downloaded some themes on their phone could help me out, that would be great.

  • Aaron

    After upgrading my phone to 1.1.4, when I put my phone to my ear during a call the touch screen stays on, and I am constantly hanging up and putting people on mute or hold…is there any way to fix this?

  • iPhone Fan

    Aaron: I would try restoring in iTunes (not updating) and unlocking 1.1.4 again. When it comes to choosing a profile, say “new” as that usually solves any problems.

  • Wade Sommerfeld

    Once you unlock the iphone can you get any plan through any service provider or is it illegal for the provider?

  • Freebasedog

    Does anyone know a good retail outlet to purchase unlocked iphones?

  • MistahTibbs

    In regards to the $200 pricepoint….DAMN!

    If this is true then Rogers just sucked me back in, especially if the all-you-can-eat data plan is reasonably priced.

    Curse you Ted Rogers and your potential ability to make me stay with your wireless network.



    PS. If Rogers is stupid enough to charge huge wads of cash for the iPhone, locking you into long contracts (3 years) and big monthly bills then I’ll just go Bell and get an HTC Touch Diamond.

    Rogers…don’t screw this up

  • MistahTibbs


    Well, spoke with a CSR at local Rogers store and she said iPhone is coming out end of July and you’ll be locked in for 3 years (not 2 like AT&T in the States) if you want to pay ONLY $400+

    No idea yet what kind of data plan pricing but why do I think Rogers is going to try to soak anyone who is interested in the iPhone?

    Well, the iPhone was a nice dream for me. I’ll take a wait-and-see attitude until more details come out but if Rogers is going to be a prick about pricing then it’s “hasta la vista, baby.”

    Anyone know how Euro & Asian pricing of the iPhone (actual hardware cost/ hardware on a plan w’ data rate cost) compares to the way things may be shaping up in Canada?

    I ask because I’m wondering if I’m being too cheap about this whole thing. Maybe what Rogers will do will seem usurious but will actually be reasonable compared to world prices.

    Just sayin’


  • Adrienne

    I just recently installed the program KATE on my 1.1.3. cracked iphone working with a Stealth Sim card and my phone no longer works!!! I can open programs but the touch screen does not wok once a program is opened. I cannot uninstall either as it will not work once any program is opened! Can anyone help please.

  • Adrienne

    I just recently installed the program KATE on my 1.1.3. cracked iphone working with a Stealth Sim card and my phone no longer works!!! I can open programs but the touch screen does not wok once a program is opened. I cannot uninstall either as it will not work once any program is opened! Can anyone help please.

  • Peter

    I told you all about the new 3G iPhone but no one believed me. I said the price was going to be $199 and that was over a week ago…

  • Omar

    iPhone is nothing closer to Nokia N95 8Gb. I got my Nokia N95 2 weeks ago from bestbuy.ca this phone is amazing. I didn’t like the Nokia map because you have to pay for navigation but I had other choice to download “Garmin” map software. The build in GPS is amazing with 5mpx camera. I waited long for iPhone to come to Canada, but Nokia N95 8Gb is worlds best phone ever so far. Even with the new iPhone 16Gb or 32Gb still you won’t be able to record 5mpx of high Dev video or picture like Nokia N95. I have my high devf wires that comes with Nokia N95 8Gb. Record and play it on your TV. Amazing…ah

  • sidim


    I’m presently a Bell customer with a 3 year plan (2yrs left). I would like to ditch my blackberry 8800 and the plan and switch the Rogers/Fido 3G Iphone when it comes out.

    Any suggestion on how to best do it.



    Hello I am looking to buying the new 3g iphone in Canada on July 11…I was wondering if any of you guys know how much the plans will cost???


  • wayne

    Hi, I just bought a used unlocked iphone and was wondering how to restore it to original settings without losing the unlock. Any help would be appreciated.

  • geo

    OK, I have a 1.1.3 iPhone restored and updated to 1.1.4.
    How do I unlock it with ZiPhone? use the 1.1.4 OTB version or is there another version to use?
    Any help is appreciated.

  • David

    Im currently using the iphone with Rogers right now,and i was wondering if using safari affects/shows up on my bill. Also,when the internet roaming is shown on the rogers bill,will it have every single website i’ve visited? PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE ASAP!!!!!!! Ty

  • Gerardo

    help mi iphone turn off and i can turn on

  • Abi

    uhmmm, guys, is it not possible to get the iPhone with voice plans only. i dont need the data stuff.

  • Jenn

    I’m sure this has been asked a few times (or maybe not)…

    I have an unlocked iphone with Fido since Feb.

    The last few days it seems like my text messages have been a little off, most the text messages I have been getting from people would be multiples and people have said my texts to them would do that to, then it seemed like people’s texts are just not going through.

    I have restored and updated the software and then ziphoned it, but still nothing. What is going on??

  • Erik

    Bell to offer smartphone with unlimited data plan!!!!

    see articles in cbc.ca and theglobeandmail.com

  • bruce

    can anyone offer advice on what i should do to get an iphone.

    should i:

    -wait till the iphone 3g comes out and for them to be sold unlocked or no contract
    -try to get my hands on a 1st gen and if so how. us apple store or at&t before july 11th? or craigslist? vancouver is pretty bare

    i am a very very light cell phone user and don’t intend to use the iphone for much web surfing at all. so the 3g my be over kill for me.

    does anyone know if rogers will sell the 3g no contract? or if at&t will? and if they will eventually show up unlocked on the web eventually? will 1st gens still be available after july 11th from third party retailers.

  • jaredPevins

    Thanks a lot Rogers! Them plans suck big time! And they don’t even care! I will be surprised if they budge on this! BUT THEY SHOULD!!!!

    By the way, if you want, check out this seemingly cool list of iPhone apps. Obviously I can’t 100% vouch, cause I am still waiting to get a phone in Canada, but they sound really cool based on the descriptions. The video recorder sounds like it could be a good one!



  • peter

    Anyone know if the 2.0 update will re lock our first gen phones?