iPhone 5: Now Not Launching In June 2011


Yesterday, rumors of the iPhone 5 launching in the fourth week on June were coming from a source in Korea. There were a lot of doubts about the story and we now have opposing reports.

Loop Insight, again, reports that the iPhone 5 will not launch in June.

Reports on Tuesday suggest Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 at the end of June. This is not true. My sources said today that rumors of an iPhone 5 release at the end of June were completely false.

As indicated yesterday, recent iPhone 5 reports have suggested a Fall 2011 release. Multiple sources have further indicated that no iPhone will be introduced at Apple’s 2011 WWDC conference, instead the event will focus on software.



  • maxgruv

    Geesh, why even bother posting rumours? What a waste of blogspace.

  • Jonduke

    Why do you bother reading it then?

  • hehe these “sources” all just want to be first to the punch on the biggest next story.
    I strongly believe these “sources” float on half truths and prediction to be the first site to blog their “findings”
    This just in! Apple to skip iPhone 5 and go right to iPhone 6 this September?
    😛 lol

  • Its a blog/forum you post whatever you want, thats the beauty of it ^_~
    It entertains and grasps your attention well enough for you to comment so I think it was a valid post.

  • MrAnonymous

    My source in Apple tells me the iPhone 5 release will be anywhere between mid August to late Sept. 2011.

  • Guest

    My source tells me that the iphone 5 will have an integrated MacGyver app that will contain duct tape, a paperclip and a piece of gum to get you out of ANY situation.

  • Anonymous

    I think the duct tape part is true… 100%

  • Kirk Armstrong

    Well only time will tell. I for one am completely content with my iPhone 4. iPhone 5 can wait lol,

  • Luca

    Why you keep showing the image of that iphone 5 when its not that, it could be similar though cuz like theres no flash for the camera and stuff so it doesn’t look like it follows from a iphone 4 i belive it will indeed look similar to the iphone 4 like u said in previous updates.

  • bekk45

    tomorrows headline: “IPHONE LAUNCHING JUNE 2011 OH YEA” enough already.

  • Gouvek

    I’m ready to get on-board with the iphone but figure i wait for the iphione 5. But i want it now!!! haha