iPhone 5 To Feature Dual-Core Processor?


According to a report by DigiTimes, there is a high probability that Apple will use a dual-core processor in the next-generation iPhone.

DigiTimes explains that dual-core processors are being developed across the mobile device industry due to new graphic intensive applications and games, and higher-resolution displays.

The chance is also high for Apple, RIM and Sony Ericsson to roll out dual-core smartphones soon, added the sources.

The requirement for stronger capability to manage multimedia functionality including 3D games and HD video has pushed handset vendors to develop dual-core processors, the sources asserted.

This summer 2011, Apple is likely to launch the iPhone 5 with an updated A4 chip. Rumors point to this updated chip being called the A5. In the past, Samsung has partnered with Apple to manufacture the processors in iOS devices, such as the A4.

Recent reports point to updated processors coming from Samsung next month, such as the Orion Dual Core processor. Noting the Apple-Samsung relationship, this processor could be the A5 in the next-generation iPhone.



  • Anonymous

    I don’t think they’d make that big of a change right away. also, they’d have to majorly overhaul the battery for a dual-core. people are barely scraping by with a day of usage with the current iteration.

  • Anonymous

    Oh yes dual-core for sure.
    Call it the iPhone 4S….!

  • Disagree. They’ll overhaul the battery like you suggested. They need something big, and NGP powered graphics in a phone is exactly what the doctor ordered.

  • IPhony

    It’s bad enough sucking in all the radiation from sitting by your computer all day. What’s worse is having a powerful mini computer in your pants, next to your crotch.

  • Flaxx

    Actually, as the frequency of a processor is raised, the power requirements go up exponentially. Therefore having a couple processors at a slightly lower frequency wouldn’t raise the power requirements, especially with a die-size decrease due to newer fabrication technology. Increasing cores is not only probable, it’s inevitable as the iPhone’s approach the GHz frequency.

  • Flaxx

    I hope you’re not serious or at least don’t actually believe what you just said. The radio antenna’s (cell, wifi, bluetooth) emit large quantities of microwave radiation, not the processor, unless it’s being heavily used in which case it would emit infrared radiation, but no more than ones crotch, and not enough to cause any bodily harm (i.e. burn you).

  • Approve?

  • AnonymousGuy

    This is most likely BS, as with most reports from DigiTimes. Current apps are coded to use only 1 core. For a dual-core chip to have any use, all apps would have to be updated for multi-core to take advantage of the new chip. The A4 chip is already sufficient for currents apps and games. If anything, they will die shrink the A4 and increase its clock to 1.5 or 2Ghz.

  • bekk45

    after readying that, get that S***t outta here

  • Canadiens_best_italy69

    What i really want is faster buffering on youtube it takes a while before it goes half way