Apple’s 2017 Mac Pro Refresh Now Available to Purchase in Canada


Apple has updated their online store to launch sales of their updated Mac Pro, which was announced this morning. is showing the 6-core and dual GPU Mac Pro available for $3499 CAD, listed as in stock and available for pick up at Apple Stores.

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The other 8-core and dual GPU upgrade costs $4699, but is showing as “currently unavailable”. Both models are priced the same as before.

If you want to pick up older versions of the Mac Pro, this morning more models hit Apple’s refurbished section, starting at $2459 CAD.

Apple this morning told select journalists a new Mac Pro design is coming (not this year), while a new pro iMac line is slated for this year, along with Apple-branded pro displays.


  • Joe

    This isn’t actually a refresh, is it? Before today, Apple offered a 4-core, 6-core, 8-core, and 12-core processor. For GPUs they offered the D300, D500 or D700’s.

    All they’ve done is removed the 4-core and the D300, and made the old versions cheaper. You still can’t purchase a more powerful Mac Pro today than what you could’ve bought 4 years ago. Am I reading this correctly?

  • George

    You are right. This is what they say at iMore:

    ‘It’s worth noting that these upgrades aren’t new components for the Mac Pro — since 2013, you’ve been able to build the Mac Pro to order with higher-core Xeon processors and FirePro D700 GPUs. Instead, while it works on the next generation of Mac Pro, Apple has essentially discounted formerly paid upgrades by $1000+, making them the default option for new buyers.’

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    ‘Can’t innovate anymore, my ass’ – Phil Schiller