Apple Begins Free iPod Nano Replacement Program Due To Overheating [First-Gen]


Today, Apple has officially issued details regarding first-generation iPod nano replacement program due to battery overheating issues. The units affected were sold between September 2005 and December 2006 carrying a manufacturing defect caused by an Apple battery supplier for the first-generation of ultra-thin screened iPods. Even though the possibility of overheating is small but since the product is already over 5 years old, its chances of overheating are higher than when it was new according to Apple.

As explained by 9to5Mac:

“Apple is telling users of the original iPod nano to stop using the product and get it replaced free of charge. The worldwide replacement program can be accessed through a special website that asks users to proceed by entering their iPod nano’s serial number (shown above). Replacement units for the original iPod nano are said to ship about six weeks after the replacement page is filled out by the customer and engraved units will be replacement with non-personalized models.”

Here is the replacement process as detailed by Apple:

  • You may order a replacement unit via the web. Click here to begin.
  • Your iPod nano serial number will be checked to verify that it is eligible for this program. You will receive a replacement unit approximately 6 weeks after we receive your current iPod nano (1st gen).
  • If you have a personalized iPod nano, you will receive a non-personalized replacement. Make sure to use iTunes to back up any data on your current iPod nano before sending it in for a replacement unit.


  • thats cool, since they don’t have 1st gen anymore, do you know what gen they will send back? I just did it and I am waiting for the box to ship to them.

  • Matt

    Sent in my claim this morning.
    Apple just sent me a conformation saying there will be a box arriving within 2 business days for me to send back to them.

  • Anonymous

    I am just a curiosity of just how many people with these units still have them will

  • I actually have a similar aged classic as well, I use it on my alarm clock. I bet a lot of people have them sitting in a drawer somewhere. Gamestop has a trade in program for them.

  • Dallas Hinton

    Me too — pretty impressive actually. How many companies would stand behind a 5 year old discontinued product?

  • Siwon Choi

    I really hope 2nd gen ipod nano start soon… I have water damage because my brother threw it into the laundry machine 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I sold my buddy a 1st or 2nd gen nano a few years ago, just sent him this link. Hopefully it works!

  • Andrew

    Just sent in my claim too !
    Interestingly enough haven’t used my Nano ever since 3GS came out but it was conveniently in one of my drawers at the office !!

    Impressive for a company to do this indeed !!!!

    Mine was engraved !

  • Harrigan118

    I’m wondering that myself.  Somewhere I read they are sending out refurbished 1st gen iPod Nanos but I can’t believe they’d go through that hassell.  It would be cheaper to just send out the latest iPod Nano as a replacement since most people don’t have this unit anymore.  Well, except me.  It’s been sitting in a drawer for the past few years.

  • ARt

    This article from cnet indicates that it will be replaced with a gen 1 nano

  • Kyc

    As crazy as it may seem, my ipod completely melted due to an overheated battery just yesterday. I thought that it was the fault of my docking station until my friend sent me this link. The way it burned, it could have caused a fire. This article definitely made my day after i was bummed that my trusty ipod nano burned and melted. I guess its less rare than they may think.

  • Guest

    someone’s a super junior fan

  • they are sending 1st gens… I don’t know why people would expect latest gen. When they got sued about this they obviously thought ahead

  • Rod Fage

    I just trashed my ipod nano about 2 months ago and of course, I cannot find the original invoice with the serial number.

  • Anonymous

    Are you sure did you get yours, if they just give a first gen it’s not even worth my time since I have a 4th gen too…

  • Nicapa03

    You shouldn’t need the invoice, the serial number is printed on the back on the device.

  • Nicapa03

    They won’t replace one that has been water damaged. Don’t get your hopes up!

  • Fatguy

    Impressive??? They are required by laws to recall the product. It wasn’t done to “impress” their customers. The reason why this rarely happened to other companies is because most companies don’t have a legal team the size of Apple’s to drag things out for so long. The fact that Apple tried to drag it out for so long surely didn’t impress me.

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