Apple Lightning To 30-pin Adapter Goes On Sale For $35


Earlier today, Apple introduced its all new ‘Lightning’ mini dock connector which will be featured in iPhone 5 and 4″ iPod touch for the first time, replacing the old 30-pin dock connector. As promised, Apple has now listed a Lightning to 30-pin adapter on its website for sale, that will plug into the new iPhone and iPod touch’s 8-pin port allowing compatibility with older 30-pin accessories.

Here’s how the Apple online store describes it:

This adapter lets you connect devices with a Lightning connector to many of your 30-pin accessories.

* Video and iPod Out not supported.

*Some 30-pin accessories are not supported.

The accessory is compatible with iPhone 5, new iPod touch and new iPod nano and is being sold online for $35.

Thanks Anthony!


  • xxxJDxxx

    Price is too high. For something many of us are going to need multiples of that price is too high. I personally will want 2-3 of these. Having to spend over $100 in adapters is too much.

  • Jay

    That’s a steep price!

  • Zirak

    So this won’t work with my HDMI adapter for my iPhone 4/iPad 3?

  • JB

    iPod out not supported? BOOOO

  • slickricky

    how long till made in hong kong ebay model for 5 dollars shipped??

  • Brian

    So essentially the adapter costs almost as much as the thing we’re adapting it to. Awesome. Count me in the “waiting for cheap copies from China” crowd.

  • djepsilon

    You’ve got be shitting me.

  • Mav

    On top of the cost, why so big??!!

  • excaliburca

    Wow that’s big. Hope someone comes up with one that’s a heck of a lot thinner.

  • Check out the Auris project on Kickstarter for an interesting alternative to Apple’s adapter.