iPhone 4G Video Conferencing Evidence Found?

We found out from the Gizmodo iPhone 4G/HD leak that the next iPhone will have a front facing camera. One would assume that means iChat capabilities right? Well, the folks at BGR have just received some interesting info that reveals Video Conferencing evidence.

This option comes from a field test firmware from the supposed next iPhone and as you can see from the pictures below, it clearly shows there will be video conferencing capabilities. Check out the pics below:

I think iChat or video conferencing would be an awesome feature. However, there are a few questions: how well would it work over 3G and how inclined are people to video chat on their phones?


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  • Sparky

    Phone sex anyone? Haha

  • mackman6151


  • djepsilon

    I for one would use iChat all the time on my iPhone. Maybe not in public, but at home and work. I hate to say it, but my guess is that it will be a WiFi only feature though.

  • Half_Pint

    I would be okay with WiFi only, but the real benefit of this would be shopping when separated from your partner (e.g.: “Do these pants make my butt look fat”, “Is this our brand of margarine?”, etc.). Otherwise it's just a toy.

  • djepsilon

    Yeah but… toys are cool!

  • djepsilon

    Yeah but… toys are cool!

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