25 Reasons Why the iPhone 5s is Better Than the Galaxy S5 [VIDEO]


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Are you trying to decide between Apple’s iPhone 5s and the Samsung Galaxy S5? YouTube channel PhoneBuff has created a couple videos that might help you in your buying decision (well, of course you’d go for the iPhone 5s or you wouldn’t be here, right??).

Here are 25 reasons why the iPhone 5s is better than the Galaxy S5:

…and here are 25 reasons why the Galaxy S5 is better than the iPhone 5s:

Of course, once the rumoured larger iPhones come this fall, Samsung’s screen size ‘advantage’ will erode. I foresee lots of people switching back to the iPhone.

Let the debate begin! Which smartphone is ‘better’? The iPhone 5s or the Galaxy S5?


  • Who Cares

    I have one reason why iPhone is not better than any Android phone and that is:
    1) You are an idiot!

    A person has to be a completely retarded mentally ill simpleton to prefer a phone that:

    1) Does not let you use it as a flash drive
    2) Does not save any files (such as documents and PDF files)
    3) Does not support flash and crashes the web browser when launching flash-based web-sites (constantly crashes Tom’s Hardware, ESPNFC, and even Facebook when launched in Safari)
    4) Does not trully multitask (No, pausing Angry Birds on the background does not consider to be multitasking)
    5) Has a tiny screen (good luck watching YouTube videos on that one) with an even tinier virtual keyboard that does not even support landscape mode in tons of apps
    6) Uses a poor search engine throughout (from “search the phone” through “search text messages” and to “search for apps”)

  • That’s why I’m using a BlackBerry Pearl 8100 still.

  • Who Cares

    7) Tied to iTunes (one of the worst software ever invented by mankind. I was asked to purchase around 500 apps for my friend. Literally, had to purchase them 1 by 1. No shopping basket to pay once)
    8) Lacks the most basic feature “Select All” that even Nokia 6310 had
    9) Runs a navigating app (Maps) that can take you to the middle of nowhere
    10) Provides no options for the end user with most settings predetermined (you must take several-megabytes photos even when you don’t need to print them as posters)

    Should I continue or did you get the drift? I can easily find you 25 reasons

  • Stop…please stop!