Activate Your iPhone With Unofficial SIM


Folks who need to have their iPhone’s unlocked, to use them on an unofficial carrier, know the nightmares of activation. If you accidentally update your iPhone to a new firmware, the iPhone becomes locked again. Unless you have an official SIM, you cannot activate the iPhone until new jailbreak tools come along to help you out. Your iPhone is then stuck at the activation screen, where all you can do is call 911, but I doubt they will help activate your iPhone.:p

Sherif Hashim, the hacker who found the exploit in the 05.12.01 baseband, has posted a new video showing that you don’t necessarily need an “official” SIM to activate your iPhone. He discovered that you can use a “Phonebook SIM”, and iTunes will activate your iPhone. A phonebook SIM is a universal SIM used to transfer your phonebook from one phone to another, and works in all GSM phones. Apparently, this will work on iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4, although you will have to trim the phonebook SIM to microSIM size, for iPhone 4. No jailbreaking or unlocking is required for this to work. Sherif used a Phonebook SIM from Dits, but, in theory, this should work with any Phonebook SIM.

Personally, I haven’t used one, and I’m not sure where to get one in Canada, but here’s what Sherif Hashim had to say on YouTube:

instead of telling everyone who hasn’t got the original sim that activation of the iphone is easy using a phonebook sim card, i made this video to show u all how it works , Use any phonebook sim card, they are there in radioshak, mobile phone shops or any mobile tech moles , any phone book simcard will do the trick, no need for programmable sims, all those phonebook sims used to save ur contacts and transfer them have a universal ICCIDs preprogrammed so they all work

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  • John

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  • BM

    Hi John,

    Instead of giving you the code how about I just drop a couple of nickels in the mail. What is your mailing address?

  • John

    Thanks for your reply BM. Here is my address:
    123 Screw Your Mamma St.
    City – KissmyassVille, FU

    Can't wait for those nickels!
    PS. You have no life!

  • Patty_pat_patster

    heres a 40% off discount code if you want

  • Dwight990

    is that address in canada, lol thats funny

  • arturo

    I am wondering how we canadians are going to get the iphone 4? You'll be going to the Rogers stores or the other carriers? Apple stores? Can you preorder it? through the phone CS? I don't know!!!!:(

  • Sushii

    Just use this to activate your iPhone.

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  • Noahattic

    hey, guys, i just looked at zagg's website….. they updated their products about iphone 4. now they have the stainless steel side cover which they promote as it can reduce the signal loss… anyone confirm it works?

    i've been searching those wraps for a while. i heard icolor wrap is the good one, but it cannot completely solve the problem, i really invisible shield can do its work…. those cheap ugly free bumpers won't be my solution of antennagate!

    sorry,,, my comment is a bit out of topic…

  • mackman6151

    that still doesn't solve the issue for those who don't have an official carrier sim to enable the use of the phone….its quite useless because if you have an official sim just activate with that….if u have an unofficial carrier sim you'll need to unlock regardless to use :P….meh i guess its useful as a low battery powered iTouch hehe 😉

  • Mtlscream

    My question is…..
    How does it work for the iPhone 4…..
    If i buy the iPhone 4 (no contract and unlock)… Is it a different box from someone who will buy it at the apple store too with a contract ?
    Let say now we're at 4.0.1 and if i update to 4.1 later…. will my iPhone will stay unlock for sure ?? If i restore, the same ??

    Because i know every iphone (NOW, like from the Genius bar.) are unlock and get lock when you put the simcard in it and connect to iTunes….
    So how the iPhone 4 unlock will be different from that ???

  • John

    Hi Patty,

    I just made my purchase through ZAGG. The discount code worked! Thank you so much!!! You saved me almost $50.00 (Invisible Skin for iPhone 4, iPad 3G, and MacBook Pro 15″) I truly appreciate it and I wish there were more people like you out there.

    Thanks again!

  • rorypiper

    Gelaskins also comes with strips to cover the antenna. Ghost Armor does, as well.

  • Networx

    Ok, where can I get one of these phonebook sim cards. Ebay doesn't have them that I can find. and Radio Shack (or The Source) and they don't have one online either. This would solve my problem of wanting to let my daughter use my Rogers iPhone with her Koodo/Telus sim card. Please let me know if you know where I can get one of these cards. I'll pay for shipping!!!

  • rorypiper

    This is all still unknown. We can assume we will get iPhone 4 from Apple Stores, individual carriers, and online. I doubt there will be a pre-order, as it would have started already.

  • arturo

    I wish we could pre order it. When I first got my iPhone 3G, I had to go to every single Rogers location and the hilarious and unbelievable thing was that when I finally found it… the sales rep had the phone outside of the box on her desk drawer with all of her contacts, emails etc. on the phone!!! at the time I didn't notice it but until I got home. As soon as I found all of her info, went back and tried to return it for another one but that was the last one in the store……….. so I had to get over it (it lasted for a few days)the fact that she had played with it and done who knows what else! I finally call Rogers and told them what happened and the fact that the phone had cracks all around, they sent me one, a 'new' one… which I doubt it was new because it had small hair scratches in the back etc……. arhh!!! so anyways I don't want to go through the same crap anymore.

  • Guest

    Just join the zagg making list they aend you a 40% off coupon right away

  • Guest

    You use waaay too many commas in your writing.

  • Noahattic

    thx for the info!
    r they in-conductive? if the strip is conductive, it won't help reduce the signal loss…..

  • Vartanarsen

    Calls using Skype over WiFi?

  • Vpool11

    I live in Canada and bought an iPhone 4 on Ebay from somebody in the US and am waiting for an unlock to be released. But I have an iPad and just tried the micro SIM card from it and obviously didn't activate the iPhone 4 but thought I would give it a shot. Then I remembered I had an old AT&T card from an original iPhone that I bought in the US years ago. I trimmed the SIM to the same size as my iPad micro SIM and tried it in the iPhone 4 just as the video shows and VIOLA! It activated it! So you don't necessarily need the phone book SIM but thought I would pass on that info for you guys.

  • SF

    I dont have an Apple store in my city. If I wanted to get the phone shipped from, I would only be allowed to place the order starting on the 30th?
    Can't I get it delivered on the 30th? I guess not if there wont be any preordering.

  • steviewhy

    When the iPhone was announced in the US the release date was June 24th with pre-orders starting on June 15th. Given the same time frames, Canadian release date of July 30th would mean pre-orders would open up on July 21st. Of course this is just speculation on my part, but I'll be checking every day starting the 21st.

  • mackman6151

    you'd have to be at a hotspot, and each time u switch hotspots you'd lose connection….oh and not ot mention the fact this is…..canada doesnt have very many hotspots (at least toronto doesnt :P)

  • smarty

    didn't work for me. Looks like they deactivated this discount code 🙁

  • Frenk

    argh!!!July 28th!!!

  • Nice video! btw I have a question here…is this is just temporary remedy to make use of our phones to get other features like playing and browsing?

  • rorypiper

    Obviously, you can activate with a SIM from an official carrier, but great to know trimming the old AT&T SIM worked. Congrats! Now you have a fancy iPod Touch, until you can unlock it! 😉

  • rorypiper

    Ha. Thanks. I'm the king of the run-on-sentence. I'll work on that. Period. 😉

  • rorypiper

    Yes. This gives you a nice iPod Touch, until you can unlock the baseband.

  • rorypiper

    This is not an unlock, merely activation. You would not be able to use an unofficial carrier, unless you jailbreak and unlock the baseband.

  • rorypiper

    Great questions, and I wish I had answers. Apple is saying when you buy the iPhone 4 from them, you get to choose your carrier, and you can change carriers, so it is truly unlocked. I'm not sure how the updates will work. It will most likely have something to do with Apple's signature process. Apple's servers will recognize the serial number as being an unlocked model, and update accordingly. This is just my best guess.

  • rorypiper

    July 30th,.. :/

  • Sidman

    My friend who works for a cell store that sells multiple carriers, told me on friday that all the iPhone 4's come unlocked and they lock them during the activation process at the store. I didn;t ask any more about it since I will likely be buying a factory unlocked one from the Apple store with no contract when they are released in Canada next week.

  • helpmenow

    Question buddy
    i have my iphone 2g that i got and it was unlocked and so i updated it to the newest firmwire and now it i can't activate it? what do i do? help plz!!

  • Sonmezsedat

    hi everybody
    My friend is living in canada,I ordered two iphone4 to his addresss via apple canada internet site online…when he receives he will bring them to me,I'm living in Turkey…i have some questions:

    1.Do these iphones really work in Turkey,as we think that they are unlocked(commitment free)they must work,also I asked to my local acrrier in Turkey (AVEA),they confirmed me that ihones work with their micro Sim that they will provide…I mean by asking this question that are they coming as factory unlocked and can we use it with any micro sim around the world?

    2.for the activation :iphones will come to HAITI (I'm here for 2 months more and then will return permanently to my country (Turkey)…
    Which is the best way:activating them in Canada by my friend upon handling them,or activating them in Haiti (please consider that I'm here for just 2 months more),or activating them in my country with my local carrier AVEA's micro sim card.

    3.for the activation should I use my apple ID or my friend can use his apple ID? Should I activate them after every country I entered or just one activation is okay for using internationally?
    Thanks for any respond…