Here are a Few Amazon ‘Prime Day’ Deals for Canada on July 15


Amazon is set to launch its big Prime Day sale on Wednesday, July 15, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, and will include deals for Canadians.

The exclusive sale is only for Amazon Prime members, which means it’s also a way for people to try out the service that offers free two-day shipping on all orders fulfilled by Amazon. The company says there will be “more deals than Black Friday”, a way to hype up the sale.

The company has sent us a couple ‘deals’ via email Canadians can expect on Wednesday—check them out below:

Amazon usually discounts their Fire HD tablets and Kindles 1-3 times per year. At $49, the Kindle is pretty much going to be an instant impulse buy.

In the USA, Walmart is also launching their own sale this Wednesday to combat Prime Day, saying “you shouldn’t have to pay $100 to get great deals.” No word on whether this will extend to Canada.

We’ve reached out to Amazon to ask what other deals they can share, so stay tuned for updates.


  • FragilityG4

    Those savings don’t blow me away especially since it’s their product!

  • Yeah. These are just teasers. Let’s hope some good deals come Wednesday that make it worth it for people to sign up for prime.

  • Salinger

    I really don’t get the value of Prime in Canada.

    Unlike elsewhere that get free movies/tv shows/book borrowing, we get “free” shipping and nothing more, with the caveat being, you pay ~$7/month whether you order anything or not. Sure they throw in free photo storage, but I already have that with Google and it doesn’t cost me anything.

    I never pay for shipping on Amazon. The threshold is so low ($25) it’s almost impossible for me to place an order that wouldn’t have free shipping anyway. And even the 2 day doesn’t mean anything as I rarely wait longer than that anyway. In fact, 75% of the time, if I order before lunch one day, I have it sitting on my desk the next. …and that’s with “super saver” free shipping.

    I really feel like Amazon needs to up their Prime game in Canada.

    …and on a somewhat related note, the Fire tablet? In Canada? You don’t even get a full app store, and most of the features that people elsewhere buy it for, aren’t available here.

  • Prime is compelling for those that live further away from Amazon distribution centres and also from major retail stores. If you want to order something for the home that’s under $25, having it arrive in 2 days is a time saver.

    Diaper subscriptions are good, as you get 20% off savings monthly and they show up automatically. Time is money!

  • Salinger

    You get 20% off just with a Prime membership? Does that apply to other items? If so, that might change my view.

  • Yeah, on household goods you can get subscriptions too. Just look for ‘subscribe and save’…just makes it one less thing to think about when shopping. It just shows up at your door. Our diaper subscription for our toddler has been great so far.

  • Salinger

    Thanks! I already have a subscribe & save for a couple of items, but I only get a 5% discount, it’s 15% off if you subscribe to 5 or more items. But if Prime would give me 20% off, then that could be a game changer! I’m surprised they don’t make that more prominent in their marketing.

  • I don’t know if the 20% off diaper subscriptions applies to all products…but that’s the one we’re currently subscribed to. All I can say is in the big picture Prime is a small price to pay for time saved and convenience, if you use it a lot 🙂

  • Mark Roberts

    $49 for the touch-screen kindle is exactly what it was for Black Friday. Thought they said they were going to beat Black Friday prices.

  • Jason Bjerke

    I hope the Amazon fire TV box goes on sale. I know $99 USD isn’t bad for a device that blows away the apple tv (And I;m a huge apple guy) Would like to get a couple more for my family, and load Kodi (formerly XMBC) for them. I have had mine for 2 weeks now, and love it. And yes my home router is set to USA via unblock-us. Plus I have a US mail box 15-20 minutes from my home in Pt.Roberts USA. So fingers crossed also looking for a bluetooth keyboard mouse pointer for the amazon fire tv

  • You’re gonna have an amazing time shopping on the US site, they always get better deals than we do. The exchange does take away some of the savings though.

  • Salinger

    Okay, I checked with Amazon. It’s specifically Amazon Family, not the more generic Prime that gets the 20% off select diapers. And it’s only diapers. I can see it possibly being worth it for this 20% off, but for those of us without diaper aged kids, I still say it’s very hard to make the case for Prime being a value proposition in Canada.

    Subscribe & Save subscriptions get free shipping anyway, regardless of cost so the only benefit is the “free” $7/month shipping on orders under $25.

  • NicoKBL

    They said “More deals” not “Better deals” 😉