AnandTech’s Incredibly Detailed iPhone 6s Review is Out


AnandTech’s review of the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus is finally online and it comes with no surprise that they have given the latest iPhone lineup their prestigious Editors’ Choice Gold award, saying that the latest iPhone is not only one of the best in its category and an extremely good product, but also “pushes the smartphone user experience forward in significant ways”.

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The review highlights that the A9 SoC in the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus is the best SoC in any phone today, with performance far and away better than anything else they’ve seen yet. “No other SoC I’ve tested this year can sustain this level of performance for this level of time”. The other truly impressive aspect of the iPhone 6s’ this generation is the storage solution, the review says, adding that it makes a noticeable difference in user experience. While praising the new iPhone camera, they did however pointed out that the iPhone 6s doesn’t have OIS “which increasingly feels like a pretty significant differentiator”.

Overall, after spending all this time with the iPhone 6s I can’t find anything really wrong with this phone. On the contrary, the A9 SoC is a huge jump in performance even relative to other SoCs on the same process node to give impressive application performance. The storage solution is unlike anything else in mobile that I’ve seen so far. The camera’s overall user experience is just about the best that you can get on the market. 3D Touch is a big improvement in user experience, while TouchID v2 and always-on Siri are worthwhile improvements in user experience.

To read AnandTech’a incredibly detailed iPhone 6s / 6s Plus review in its entirety, hit up this link.


  • Zeke

    “prestigious Editors’ Choice Gold award” lol. Hey Gary, you and your team should makeup the “prestigious” iPhoneInCanada Editors Choice Gold award. I’m pretty sure any made up prestigious gold award is a sure ticket to the next Apple event. Lol.

  • hub2

    Requiring an extra $200 USD to jump up a storage level and to get optical image stabilization (plus a bump to the larger size I don’t want to carry around) are why I’m holding on to my iPhone 5 another year.

    Chances are iOS 10 will mark the end of support for 32-bit CPUs, so the timing works out well.