Apple Announces Replacement Program for iPhone 6 Plus iSight Cameras


On Friday, Apple acknowledged a problem with a “small percentage” of iPhone 6 Plus users who have been experiencing image quality problems with their device’s iSight camera.

Officially called the “iSight Camera Replacement Program for iPhone 6 Plus,” Apple’s replacement program allows some users to replace their iPhone 6 Plus’ camera for free. The company is making the program available to any iPhone 6 Plus owner whose device is producing blurry photos and carries the problematic part.

Apple didn’t detail the exact nature of the problem, however, they did say that some iPhone 6 Plus iSight cameras contain “a component that may fail causing your photos to look blurry.”


The iPhone 6 Plus is the only iPhone model that ships with optical image stabilization, a feature used to distinguish its camera from the iPhone 6. It is possible that the hardware controlling optical image stabilization feature is causing the problem in these devices.

Affected users can check their iPhone’s serial number on Apple’s website to see if their are eligible for the replacement program. Those taking advantage of the replacement program are advised to back up their device before handing it over at an Apple Store. Affected units will be eligible for repair for up to three years after the iPhone’s original purchase date.

[via MacRumors]


  • Claus

    My device is eligible, yet my photos are great 😉

  • kabsalsa

    That’s interesting. I have already had my camera replaced. I was having trouble getting photos to focus ….first noticing it while taking photos of a label in a store. Had to use my spouse’s iPhone 6 to take the photo instead.

  • T33BS

    I think I’m in the same boat as you but maybe the pictures could be better and I just don’t know it? Do they still want our eligible devices, I don’t get it…

  • Phil

    I replaced mine yesterday. What happens is the lens stops moving altogether. This means it doesn’t change focus and doesn’t do optical stabilization for video. I noticed it would start working again for a moment and then stop focusing. IT was a pain in the butt. To check for this issue on your 6 plus, just try focusing on things at different distances to notice if your camera is actually focusing properly, it’s pretty obvious if it is not.

  • RMstorm

    If my phone qualifies for replacement, how does this program work? If I take it to Apple store, do they swap my phone for a new phone right away or do they actually take my phone and replace camera. If so, how long does that take – hours or days??