Apple Canada No Longer Lists iPhone 6 Reserve and Pick Up Option


Apple’s iPhone 6 Reserve and Pick Up option went live the night of the company’s pre-orders last Friday, and quickly sold out of phones allotted to be picked up in store.

In years past, the Reserve and Pick Up option would be replenished as new stock comes in, but as of now, Apple’s website no longer advertises the service on its retail page:

Screenshot 2014 09 15 22 39 40

The Reserve and Pick Up link no longer shows options to view individual retail locations and their iPhone 6 stock, but rather a message that just reads “Please come back later.”:

Screenshot 2014 09 15 22 38 58

The Apple Store in Toronto (Yorkdale) told us they were “not certain” if the option would return or not, while the Eaton Centre location said reservations had sold out. All the locations we contacted did say to visit the store on the morning of the launch as the only other option.

Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have completely sold out, as the now shipping estimates are at “3-4 weeks” for both models. Whereas a day ago, some 128GB configurations were still shipping in “7-10 days”.

Users have started to receive receipts from Apple via email, an indication shipping is imminent. Rogers and Fido customers have seen their orders move to “in progress”. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can’t come soon enough!

The iPhone 6 is set to launch in Canada and 8 other countries this Friday, September 19.


  • Parksy

    Still processing for me. Delivery still says 19/09-23/09. Order was placed at 4:08 AM EST on preorder launch day.

  • Alejandro Moreno

    Me too, I ordered about 4:30am and mine says “processing” still just like yours. I wonder if because the web store was on and off, there was a problem and it is not real time stating it will be delivered 19-23th?
    I have checked also with the trick as reference number @ fedex and ups, but no luck.
    come on Apple. show me my tracking number

  • hellplop

    My order status is “Preparing for shipping”. I ordered it at 7:00 am EST.

  • djepsilon

    Still Preparing for Shipping too. Ordered at 2:05am MST… Not worried though. If I recall, when I ordered my 5… or maybe it was the 5S, I forget which one… was still showing preparing for shipment up until the Thursday or something. Rest assured every iPhone and iPad pre-order has always come on time!

  • JfromC

    Well my iPhone 6+ apple case has shipped…

  • Parksy

    There were millions of orders put through and I have a feeling they are slightly overwhelmed. I’m assuming that most of the Canadian orders are going to ultimately ship from Mississauga and I don’t live far from there so I’m lower priority. Mine could get picked up by UPS on Thursday evening and still get here on launch day. I won’t worry about it too much, but I’m still very curious.

  • Parksy

    where are you located?

  • Zing

    I jus got emailed a invoice # not worried for launch day also live in Mississauga

  • Ray

    ordered 3 6+, still preparing for shipment

  • navin

    ordered it on 5am pre-order launch day still says preparing shipment live in Brampton
    is the shipment coming from Mississauga? if so does anyone know what area it is in millcreak area @ Mississauga rd and millcreak where the MCD is?

  • Parksy

    Mine still says processing order….. with Delivery 19/9-23/9. I’m beginning to doubt it. Credit card has clearly been charged though.

  • Thierry Marques

    Reserved for pick up in store the day the link went live, got the confirmation screen but no email… did you guys get a confirmation email?

  • squidgy

    some orders are 3-4 weeks out and yet they are releasing the phone to 22 other countries next week.

  • Andrew Pagan

    how would i know if i have to go pick up my iPhone, would i get an email?

  • Alejandro Moreno

    Just to give you guys update:
    Ordered Fri 12th 4:30AM
    Status shipped Wed 17th 5PM
    Tracking # Rcvd Thu 18th 1AM (ups just shows label created)
    I would love for it to arrive on time friday.

  • Yes the store emails you

  • Nice!

  • Thierry Marques

    So I went to the store yesterday evening to check whether they had my reservation despite me not getting any confirmation email, and they confirmed I was on the list for tomorrow 8am. An hour after I left the store, I received the confirmation email… 17 times.

    Don’t know if there was a glitch last week that prevented me from receiving the email, but all is in order. If you didn’t get the email, just swing by the store and you should be fine!

  • JC

    reserve and pickup at apple store is back

  • lorax1284

    Checking the site today, it looks like gray 128 gigabyte iPhone 6 (not 6 Plus) models are available at every canadian store. If you’re interested in an iPhone 6 and can’t wait, that might be a cost-effective option. Given that the notion of “cloud” storage has come under criticism as well as the fact that reliance on the cloud means reliance on mobile carrier bandwidth fees, I think a larger capacity device is not a bad investment.