Apple Continues to Slay Samsung in Brand Loyalty


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According to a recent analysis by Xerox owned company WDS, Apple’s iPhone users have continued to remain the most loyal smartphone owners despite strong competition with Samsung for nearly seven years. The report shows that people who buy one iPhone are far more likely to purchase another than those who own a Samsung device (via MacDailyNews).

WDS, a specialist in customer care solutions for the mobile industry, conducted more than 3000 interviews with smartphone owners in three flagship smartphone markets; the U.S, UK and Australia. The data forms part of the company’s annual WDS Mobile Loyalty Audit, a global study of loyalty in the mobile industry.

Analysis into device upgrade trends reveal that Apple dominates with 76% of customers who upgrade from iPhone to another iPhone while Samsung trails with just 58% retention.

The study found out that Apple retains 76% of its customers, followed by Samsung at 58%, while no other smartphone manufacturer managed to keep brand retention above 40%. Interestingly, 34% of all consumers switching device brands seem to settle for Samsung. On the other hand, 24% of consumers switching device brands go for Apple.

LG, coming in at third, manages to retain 37% of its customers, followed by Nokia, HTC and Sony Mobile. BlackBerry comes in at the end with brand retention of only 21%.

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  • Lloyd Parsons

    About to be -1 for apple in about 11 days lol

  • Brandon

    If you look at it as a choice of OS over manufactorer it looks pretty evenly matched to me, given that Android has several options where as IOS has just apple

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    Apple Contines or Continues ?

  • You got that right. I’m counting down the days myself, as I type this reply with my Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. Screw Apple.

  • Anon

    That is until, the iPhone 6 is released.

  • Lloyd Parsons

    Samsung s5 is on pre-order.. Deed is done lol

  • Tim

    I’m surprised Samsung does so well. The build quality on the Galaxy series kills those phones for me. HTC goes toe to toe with Apple in terms of aesthetic, but I must say I prefer the rubberized back on my Nexus 5 even though it’s not as premium as Apple or HTC.