Apple: iOS 4.3 Coming March 11th


At today’s iPad event, Apple introduced the iPad 2, which is shockingly thinner than the iPhone 4 and uses a new dual core A5 chip. Also, Apple announced the release date of iOS 4.3, slated for March 11th. Here are the iOS 4.3 highlights from their press release:

The Safari mobile browsing experience gets even better with iOS 4.3. The Nitro JavaScript engine that Apple pioneered on the desktop is now built into WebKit, the technology at the heart of Safari, and more than doubles the performance of JavaScript execution using just-in-time compilation. With the Nitro JavaScript engine, Safari provides an even better mobile browser experience working faster to support the interactivity of complex sites you visit on a daily basis.

New iTunes Home Sharing allows iOS 4.3 users to play music, movies and TV shows on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch® from their iTunes library on a Mac® or PC over a local Wi-Fi network. With a simple tap you can enjoy all the media in your iTunes library wherever you are in your home. You can stream a movie from your Mac in one room to your iPad in another or stream an iTunes mix to your iPod touch from the office to the kitchen. With Home Sharing on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch you’ve got your entire iTunes library in your hands wherever you are in your home.

iOS 4.3 includes enhancements to AirPlay, the breakthrough wireless technology that allows users to stream music, photos and video to Apple TV®. With iOS 4.3 you can stream additional content including video from third party apps and web sites, videos from the Photos app and previews from the iTunes app to your TV.* AirPlay also allows you to bring photos to life on the TV screen by using one of the stunning new slideshow transitions, or shoot a video on your iPad 2, iPhone or iPod touch and stream it directly from the Photos app to Apple TV.

The new Personal Hotspot feature in iOS 4.3 lets you bring Wi-Fi with you anywhere you go, by allowing you to share an iPhone 4 cellular data connection with up to five devices in a combination of up to three Wi-Fi, three Bluetooth and one USB device.** Joining a Personal Hotspot is easy and once the feature is enabled a status bar displays how many devices are currently connected. Every connection is password protected and when not in use Personal Hotspot turns itself off to save battery life.

I would expect the A5 to debut when the iPhone 5 arrives this summer.

iOS 4.3 is coming in nine days. You excited?

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  • Andrew

    When will we get word from rogers regarding the hotspot feature?

  • BBKing

    Is Rogers going to charge for us to connect with Personal Hotspot once it has been enabled??

  • Bob’s your uncle

    March 25th in Canada

  • Ex

    For the iPad 2.

  • iOS 4.3 will be released on March 11th everywhere…

  • SF

    I wont be interested in 4.3 until jailbreak arrives.

    I love the stock iOS, but certain tweaks from jailbreak makes my iPhone 4 a lot better

  • Megavidiot

    Whenever it comes, I’m excited to finally be able to stream my library through my touch and phone finally.

  • Adomanico18

    I am currently using the 4.3 beta and the hotspot works with my 6GB $30 data plan. I assume this won’t change with the official release.

  • Anonymous

    A RogersDuane confirmed on Redboard that the Wifi Hotspot feature of iOS 4.3 will be enabled and free if you have a 1gb and higher plan. Great news for Rogers and Fido customers

  • Kirk Armstrong

    Glad we finally get a release date for iOS 4.3. Hotspot sounds like it will be fun.

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