Apple iPhone 7 Alleged Specs Leaks Hinting at Big Camera Upgrade



As we get ready for Apple’s September 7 media event, a spec sheet for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has leaked.

According to the leak that came from Techtastic, here is the spec sheet for the iPhone 7:

Screen: 4.7-inch (750×1334 resolution)
Processors: A10 (and M10 co-processor)
Memory (RAM): 2GB LPDDR4
Battery: 1960 mAh
Camera: 12 megapixel, 1/2.6-inch sensor, F/1.9, 1:3 microns pixels

Here is the spec sheet for the iPhone 7 Plus:

Screen: 5.5-inch (1080×1920 resolution)
Processors: A10 (and M10 co-processor)
Memory (RAM): 3GB LPDDR4
Battery: 2910 mAh
Camera: Two 12 megapixel, 1/3-inch sensor, F/1.9

If you’re wondering how they stack up to the 6S and 6S Plus, they both have a larger battery (1715 mAh in the 6S, 2750 mAh in the 6S Plus), and the iPhone 7 Plus has 1GB extra RAM. Of course, both also have new A10 processor and M10 motion coprocessors where the 6S and 6S Plus have an A9/M9.

It seems as though the biggest upgrade for both devices will be the camera. Overall, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are solid upgrades, even without new camera features. But when you add in a better camera, things start getting really interesting, especially with dual 12-megapixel lenses.

[via AppleInsider]


  • Zul Rizvi

    Dosent spunds to me a huge upgrade from iphone 6. In reality iphone 7 will be way far behind specially when you compare with Note 7

  • Andy

    Only f1.9 ? The S7 has 1.7 and photos look fantastic. Too bad because I was hoping 1.7 or better.

  • Vince Turnone

    How so?

  • SOB

    Recent speed tests had the IPhone 6S outperforming the S7 note. The IPhone 7 will be even faster.

  • Zul Rizvi

    Dosent care about nominal speed difference. I gave up on iphone long time ago since iphone 4 days and never looked back. I cant imagine giving up on note series.

  • Nuser

    Funny you said that. I gave up on galaxy or note just around iphone 4. I don’t think i will go back. Even if I do I would go with nexus. Same thing for a lot less.

  • Nuser

    I was hoping for an one inch sensor.

  • Quattro

    hahahaha…. You act like you know what you’re talking about. 0.2 difference is totally inconsequential.

  • jay

    dont believe all these rumours because nobody knows. it should say maybe. i remember the note 7 should have 6 GB ram….i hope the iphone is at least waterproof and has a headphone jack.

  • iclicked

    At that aperture, .2 is a very significant difference.

  • FragilityG4

    I wouldn’t count on the jack even though these are all rumours. It’s hard for them to locked down on leaks because of mass production and the plants are all in China.

  • Quattro

    You’re confusing the aperture of a typical ILC lens to a lens that’s smaller than a headphone jack. I believe a .2 difference at that size would be indiscernible.

  • IS

    This is what Apple has always been good at – Using the great, but not the greatest hardwares to max the profit.