Apple July 16 iPhone 4 Press Conference Stream Now Online


Looks like Apple is pulling out the guns today with their press conference. Free Bumpers for all. Confirmed July 30th release date for Canada (and the second round of countries). They also launched a “Smartphone Antenna Page” to educate people that all smartphones suffer signal issues, not just the iPhone 4.

The timespan for Apple to post their keynote/press streams online usually appears much later in the day. But today, they’ve already put the stream online for everyone to watch!

Click here to watch today’s July 16th iPhone 4 Press Conference.

**edit: paste this URL into your browser:

Thanks SquareWheel for the heads up–you’re 2 for 2! 🙂


  • Half_Pint

    I like this solution best:
    Cheap, effective, and maintains the low profile look of the iPhone 4. 😉

  • Half_Pint

    I like this idea:
    Cheap, effective, and maintains the low-profile look of the iPhone 4 😉

  • Can't wait to see all the youtube videos of all these other phones with attenuation issues. I think it's just bad signal because of AT&T.

    I can make my iPhone 3GS drop 20 decibels by cupping it, but that's drop -70 to -90.

    I have a very solid signal where I am. Im not afraid. Bring on the iPhone 4.

  • Khanh

    I can't seem to find the July 16th conference. The links take me to the June conference.

  • Weird. Paste this into your browser:

  • Iphone44eva

    and with that they have TOTALLY REDEEMED THEMSELVES!!!! Woohoo!! go apple! whatchu gotta say now Haters? ..and lol about that one guy on this site who has been predicting they will announce the launch on the 16th for sooo long. A lot of people have been telling him it wont be. Now he gets to gloat.

  • Khanh

    Thanks Gary! I didn't see that one.

  • Khanh

    Thanks Gary! I didn't see that one.

  • I pasted the correct link in the article, but when clicked it takes
    you to WWDC. Weird. NP 🙂

  • Popjunkiesuperstar

    ARE YOU FRIGGEN KIDDING ME???? FREE BUMPER??? WHO GIVES A FUDGE??? FIX THE STUPID PHONE YOU FRIGGEN WALKING LEATHER SKELETON (ask Steve Jobs) This is such a joke! There was NO talk about fixing the phone…they pointed their fingers and said…other phones suck too…and said they will give a free case! As if!!!

  • Uh, thirty cents of rubber is hardly fixing the hardware. Nonetheless, it was too late for a recall and this was their next best option.

  • Just don't buy the phone. Get a BB, Android, or WinMo instead.

  • They addressed the issue–but there was no announcement of a fix. Knowing Apple, they are going to fix this but they won't tell us about it.

  • Anthony

    Whaaaaa… go buy something else else then

  • It's possible, but applying a fix would be admitting there was a design flaw, and somehow I don't see Steve admitting that. Even in this release they never called the phone flawed, they said “Hey look, other phones are flawed too!” I'll be curious if they make any changes but I have the feeling they won't. It's only a yearly cycle after all, next year they will probably use a two-antenna approach.

  • DelaHardy

    Redeemed themselves because they are giving away free bumpers?! Dude are u serious! I've been excited for this phone's release since before Gizmodo even leaked it out, but that just proves there is an issue with it & they have too much pride to just come out and admit it, and really rectify it!

    And how much will it cost in Canada to buy it outright? The apple website and fido doesn't even have any info on them yet. They both still say “Coming Soon”. I think it still might be best to wait til it's Canadian release and hear what the reviews then are.

  • jbill

    what is the full link? When I copy it just getting 404 error: not found


    or copy and paste the link from the graphic above

  • Flavourofthemonth

    The iphone4 may be available in Canada on July 30 but we don't know when it will be available through the Canadian carriers. Can't see them launching a new product on a Friday…JMO

  • Jocelyng87

    Will the white iphone also be available in Canada on the 30th too?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • mackman6151

    that link takes me to the june 7 WWDC conference.

  • There's a crazy redirect happening. Copy and paste the link into your
    browser manually.

  • Me

    Free cases and bumpers? How come everyone was mum about the fact the Blackberry have this same issue to date? Steve Jobs is right. This thing about the iPhone antenna was blown out of proportion because of the hyped release of iPhone 4. I'm still getting the iPhone 4. It's going to be way better than my BB.

  • mackman6151

    thanks. worked

  • You got TWO mentions. One on this post, and the other post about the 'Antenna' page. 🙂

  • They didn't say July 30th specifically, just “end of July”. I don't know how much further we can go into July!

  • When you're #1, you get the luxury of that massive 'bull's eye' on your back. Apple has that bull's eye and when their competitors smell blood, they're going to lunge for Apple's jugular.

    Here's a crazy idea: why can't these competitors also try to create some innovating products too? If it's good, people will buy it.

  •  Xaroc

    To be real, i never noticed the so called “Death Grip” on any of my phones, and i have owned 4 blackberries, 2 HTCs and 7 iPhones. i grabbed a couple of my phones and tried this “Death Grip” and to my surprise just as steve said, they ALL did it.
    But now to be real to myself. I have used these 13 phones with no problems at all, So if hard Data proves that its natural then we dont really need to worry to much. I do give credit to Apple. Giving a free case is a fantastic way to help deal with this issue, but they could have just as easily said “look, 4 other top phones do it too. Get over it”
    As i have said several times in the forums, im probably still going to hold off an additional month or so after Canadian release, but you bet i will be buying one for myself once the Fan frenzy cools down…. hate standing in line lol

  • What an honor!

  • Half_Pint

    What's a “mention”?

  •  Xaroc

    Gary, I think you guys should offer Prozac to some of these users i see around here. take the edge off lol
    perhaps we will get a more calm, and well put together argument that can be discussed ^_~

  •  Xaroc

    Rogers just updated to 7.2 Carrier update

  • Mr. Mac

    What about the great music video? I think it says it all. Fanboy deserves a lot of credit for not buying into the blogospherefrenzy.

  • Jocelyng87

    Hopefully it will be released on the 30th too…i mean if its releasing in the states on the 30th…ive waited so long…dunno how much longer i can wait…i guess i can always get the black one..ughh

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  • Kjr1598

    1. fixing the phones problem would mean an entirely new design because the placement of the antenna is a main feature of the design. so maybe next year
    2. many people reported that the bumper DOES solve the problem, so free bumper = less problem, of course this wont completely solve it but their doing their best
    3. if you can help it, dont touch the weakspot.
    4. still dont like it? get a different phone, free refund.
    my point is, that based on the info put forward they are doing their best to fix it but they cant without making an entirely different phone design, maybe one with two antennas so itll have 2 weakspots which cant be influenced at the same time. so the time being this is the best they can do, so CALM DOWN!