Apple Launches Repair Program for iPhone 7 Models Impacted by ‘No Service’ Issue


Today, Apple launched a repair program for iPhone 7 models that are impacted by an issue that causes them to have no cellular service in areas where cellular coverage is available.

Hints of this bug first appeared in September 2016 when Apple launched an investigation into iPhone 7 devices that were displaying a “No Service” message after customers enable and then disable Airplane Mode.

The company says that the issue, which is caused by a faulty logic board component, impacts a “small percentage” of iPhone 7 devices. Apple is offering repairs to the affected devices for free.

Apple has narrowed the component flaw down to a batch of iPhone 7 units manufactured between September 2016 and February 2018 and sold in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao and the United States. According to supplied information, model numbers eligible for the repair program are A1660 or A1780 in China, A1660 in Hong Kong, Macao and the U.S., and A1779 in Japan. The model number on the iPhone 7 can be found on the markings on the device’s rear aluminum chassis.

Users who believe they are experiencing the issue should take their device to an Apple retail store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider for inspection.



  • wellsj

    I have a model A1778 iPhone 7 purchased in Canada and I have experienced this several times. It also occurs when I lose service or return from the US where I have disabled roaming, so also lose service. I’m very disappointed my model is not listed.

  • Dany Quirion

    Happened to mine right after I got it in 2016, had to get it replace 2 weeks after purchases.

  • Buddy

    Happened to me when I took my iP8+ to Asia, while on a mountain trek of 3 days, the no service popped up the first day while all my friends with Androids had full service. Switching their SIMs with mine and vice versa, it was clear the problem was with my iP8+ as my SIM connected fine in their phones. Only when I returned back and connected to my computer and did a completely factory reset that it got the service again. Have been working okay since then, it’s been over a month now.

  • Shawn Harvey

    I’ve experienced it as well on my device. Ironically, it happened again this evening just before reading this article 🙁

  • Riddlemethis

    I’ve experienced this issue to on the A1784 model.

  • Wilson

    My wife had this issue 2 months ago. We went to the Apple store and the staff replaced her phone with no charge

  • winnertakesteve

    I have A1778 as well. I find that on occasion my phone will struggle if I’ve passed through a dead zone but continue to show no service well after I’ve return to a spot that should have coverage. Sometimes the only way to revive it is toggle airplane mode. Not sure if it’s the same issue for me because the article suggests airplane mode causes the problem.

    I’ve become so used to issues with Apple lately I never looked into it further.

  • Kev

    Same problem with my A1778. Very slow to return to service after exiting concrete parkades. All the other iPhones in my family have reconnected while I sometimes have to reboot or toggle Airplane mode on or off. Wonder if anyone has tried bringing the A1778 for service?

  • Tim

    My 6S Plus has been sporadically giving me a “NO SIM Card” notification in the top left corner of my screen. I can fix it by turning the phone off and on or removing the SIM and putting it back in. I think the latter may have fixed things though as it hasn’t occured for about a week now, was happening every few days prior to that.

  • Mads

    The very same thing happened to my partners iPhone 6 a couple of months ago and the provider was not able to fix the phone alongside the quick battery drain on both our iPhones.