Apple Maps Lane Guidance Rolls Out in Canada for iOS 11 Users [PIC]


iOS 11 debuted some new features for Apple Maps, such as Indoor Maps for “hundreds of major airports and shopping centres around the world,” while users in the U.S. and China also gained Lane Guidance for navigation.

Now it appears Lane Guidance has expanded in Canada, as Apple has rolled out an update for the feature over-the-air. Numerous iPhone in Canada readers first started seeing Lane Guidance show up within navigation in Apple Maps as of last week.

According to one reader, Benoît, Lane Guidance was showing on Highway 15, north of Montréal. Speed limits were not showing yet.

Below is a screenshot of Lane Guidance shared by Benjamin, when he was “surprised” to see Lane Guidance markings show up within Apple Maps in CarPlay:

Apple maps lane guidance canada

Benjamin, like many other iOS users, hopes for Apple to let users choose Google Maps as the navigation option within CarPlay.

Apple has not updated their iOS 11 feature page to indicate Canada under Lane Guidance, so it’s unknown if this is a widespread rollout, or just being seen by a small number of users. As for Speed Limits within Apple Maps, only the UK and USA support the feature.

Are you seeing Lane Guidance within Apple Maps in iOS 11?


  • Cody Woodward

    Yeah noticed it last week on hwy 1 in Burnaby headed into Vancouver for dinner. Love the feature. It saved my ass a few times in the US on their massive highway systems with 7-8 lanes wide.

  • Mario Gaucher

    Noticed it last week in Montreal and Saint-Hyacinthe.

  • Joe

    Haven’t noticed it yet and I was on the highway in Vancouver on Monday. Honestly if they want to fix Maps, it’s going to take more than adding new features. They need to fix the navigation itself. Sometimes it works great, but half the time I end up wishing I had used Google.

  • Rob Raymond

    I noticed the same in Windsor, ON on E.C. Row Expressway.

  • jay

    ive seen it too in waterloo. looks pretty good

  • Cody Woodward

    I noticed Wednesday night on highway 1 on my way into Vancouver.

  • ben

    The day they let us choose our navigation app i guess no one will use apple map when you can use waze or google map. Really not cool to force ppl to use their app instead of improving it enough for ppl to actually willing to use it…

  • My 1/2 cents

    While true, there’s many…actually quite a few users who prefer Apple Maps because they’re easily influenced by features not functionality.

    A map which has impressed me is Here maps, aka Nokia maps. It now has building number addresses much like you would see from municipalities and cities for property information.

    It’s too bad Google lacks this feature since it’s street view isn’t very accurate. Unfortunately, the Here map address info is rather hard to see unless you use a phablet.

  • My 1/2 cents

    It must be nice to be able to afford to roam in the USA.

  • My 1/2 cents

    they’re not forcing anyone per se. if one lacks the intelligence or independent thinking, Apple is merely taking advantage of that.

  • Cody Woodward

    Lol it is bud! For 1 trip when I was in LA for 2 weeks I bought a t mobile pay as you go sim. Then for day trips I paid Fido $6/day for roaming, but now I use a $50 freedom account that gives me 1gb/month of roaming. Don’t be sour lol

  • Olivier

    I noticed it when iOS 11.1 dropped.

  • Widohmaker

    Noticed it about a week ago.

  • ben

    Very productive comment to insult readers. Apple is blocking any navigation app when using carplay except apple map. The workarounds to use google map with carplay are ridiculous. As this point don’t use carplay and put your phone on the dashboard. But if posting this kind of comment make you feel superior knock yourself out.

  • FragilityG4

    Yeah I experienced it last night on the 404 in Ontario via voice guidance! A nice little addition!

  • Mr Dog

    Noticed this as well, just this week. Caught be off guard but a pleasant welcome.

    I’m in the GTA!

  • DJRiful

    I’ve been running with it this week. Works fantastic in Toronto, maybe Apple is rolling out for CarPlay users. My Subaru’15 has an aftermarket CarPlay.

  • Domino67

    Why not get an Android device?

  • Cody Woodward

    …but…but you can use google maps or waze if you want….

  • ben

    On carplay on a non jailbreak phone?

  • ben

    Because all my ecosystem is apple. That will cost to much to switch to android

  • Domino67

    It may not cost as much as you think……you should look into it just to see if it would actually be that costly.

  • mxmgodin

    Nice, nice! I’m getting a new car with CarPlay this week, and I’m pretty excited to try it out 😛

  • bbousquet

    Apple Maps has been improving steadily and rarely causes me issues, if at all. I’m honestly more annoyed at French Siri mispronouncing names consistently (she can’t say St-* names properly and won’t even correct it when instructed). Siri also pronounces map search results as if they were in a different language, for some reason. I haven’t figured out why but she butchers French addresses as if she thought they were in English (which I guess might be the case).

  • bbousquet

    And FYI I posted the Siri St-* pronunciation bug 2 years ago on the Apple Bug Reporter. It’s still open. French Siri will ignore any pronunciation corrections for such names and will keep pronouncing them wrong (St-Pierre become “estépierre”, essentially).

  • boombass

    Isn’t it actually up to the app developer to make a Carplay version of their app? I’m not sure that Apple is blocking Google from putting their maps up on Carplay. This happened before when Apple Maps started — it took several months before Google had their maps app ready. I hope they update Google Maps for Carplay, but it’s probably not a priority.

  • bbousquet

    At this time, I’m pretty sure Apple only approves 3rd party music/streaming/podcast apps on CarPlay.

  • boombass

    Ah, thank you. Hopefully that changes.

  • Timrules

    It’s working in North Van …

  • Mozbius

    I wasn’t looking at the screen but I distinctly heard the Apple Maps app telling me which lane to stay on or which lanes are exiting and so on last weekend in Laval. I could be wrong but I remembered that I was shocked of hearing such precise guidance as this is a very rare feature that I love and only found in NAVIGON!! I am on 10.3.3 not 11 by the way !!!! ?

  • John

    What are you complaining about? There’s nothing wrong with Apple maps. You bought an iPhone, spent hundreds on apps, and now you’re complaining? You made your bed, now sleep in it.

  • ben

    Another very constructive comment. Because of course if you buy an iphone you can’t complain about anything that runs on it. You are a bright man. Should i say genious?

  • bbousquet

    Yes and no: letting users run Google Maps is fine by me but Waze has just too many interactions while driving (signaling accidents, police presence or other events is way too distracting). I already see enough drivers wavering while driving (the other day, in heavy but still moving trafic, the woman in front of me was texting for 10 straight minutes).