Apple Maps Users Begin Noticing Improved Data And Imagery


Apparently Tim Cook wasn’t playing around when he said employees would be “working non-stop” to improve Apple Maps. The application has thousands of errors varying from missing streets and imagery, blurry imagery, and more. Now just weeks after these issues went public, Apple has quickly addressed a few of them, according to user reports.

9To5Mac is reporting that iOS 6 users are noticing “Apple fixing problems promptly after reporting them.” They have also receive a varying amount of positive tips:

One user in New Zealand north of Auckland noticed Apple had fixed a problem with a highway exit, as highlighted in the image above. We’ve also received tips from users in Uckfield, UK that Apple has now corrected the location of the town, indicating Apple is moving quickly to fix shortcomings of the app even smaller markets.

Another report by Macrumors highlights enhanced 3D imagery. These updates were noticed throughout the United States around the locations of New York City, Hawaii, and Los Angeles. Mainly the updates were minor, including 3D views of buildings formerly only available in 2D. If you noticed any updates in Canadian flyover locations, feel free to tip us.

The importance of reporting issues with maps can’t be stressed enough by Apple. Having many users report that Apple has fixed issues, even in small markets, provides proof Apple isn’t taking these reports with a grain of salt. With the help of iOS 6 users, Apple Maps should rapidly improve over this upcoming year.

Click here to learn how to report a problem with Apple Maps. If you’ve reported a problem in the past, has Apple fixed it? Tell us in the comments.


  • Sending corrections via “Report A Problem” is a good idea, and Apple is fixing those quickly. I’ve always submitted problems and changes to Google Maps and Foursquare, and now I do the same with Apple.

  • Mark

    I have used “report a problem” to add some new points to the map around my area. Added a school, a auto repair shop, a fast food location and a grocery store, none have been updated by Apple yet. Reported back when maps and iOS6 where released. Has anyone else had any luck getting updates in place?

  • Ken Kafieh

    If Apple want more people to report problems, they need to make it easier to find the link that enables them to do so.As it stands you have to turn up the corner, and then find a tiny greyed out link that’s hard to spot. The link for adding Corrections should be right on the front page of the Maps right next to the 3 D button

  • beavisaur

    when i look at Statue of Liberty in 3d mode i get the same image as the one on the left. Not sure why im not getting the good one like shown on the right.

  • Joe

    I reported issues with the anthony henday in Edmoton, noticed it fixed about 2 weeks later. Considering edmonton is really a small market for apple I was impressed.

  • Kirk

    Live in Edmonton and I can see traffic on the roads now

  • opq

    I submitted a bunch in my neighborhood, from new highway onramps to my street not being on the map despite being 5 years old, did those launch day, no changes yet…

  • Additions seem to be hit or miss, but corrections are quite fast. I’ve submitted several corrections and they were all updated within a few days.

  • I think it’s fine where it is.

  • Terrin Bell

    Maps caches the image.