Apple Music Pays Artists 10x More than YouTube, 2x More than Spotify


Several artists have taken to public forums and social media saying that they are not earning enough from music streaming platforms.

Spotify is preparing to IPO for a valuation between $6 billion and $20 billion, but who will actually be receiving a slice of that cash? Between all the shareholders owning more than 5 percent, four record companies may own as much as 16 percent of the company.

The question is whether or not these record companies will actually share that profit with the musicians and artists that have made Spotify the music streaming platform it is today. We definitely hope that they do, but only time will tell.

According to a report released by a blog called Information is Beautiful, despite how big Spotify has become, Apple Music is actually the most attractive platform for artists right now. Apple is paying artists more than 2 times the amount of Spotify and 10 times the amount of YouTube.

[via Reddit]


  • IAmTaka

    Oh boo hoo. They are only making hundreds of thousands instead of millions.

  • Duster Dashed

    I think artists and musicians are already getting paid more as it is. They should just get paid slightly more than minimum wage imho, because they already get to do what they love to do and get paid while at it.

    Don’t get me wrong I love art in all its forms but i find its just waay to commercialized. If you love something you do and you get to do it as a job, then you’re already blessed. Getting paid way more than minimum wage is just waay to much on top of what you already get in life.

  • TC

    Lol wow people really think like this? Gross

  • TC

    Mocking artists for wanting to get properly compsenated is about as low as it gets. You’re a massive tool but I imagine that’s what you were going for

  • SV650

    “The question is whether or not these record companies will actually share that profit with the musicians and artists that have made Spotify the music streaming platform it is today. We definitely hope that they do, but only time will tell.”

    Whaaaat?!? Why would there be an expectation that a shareholder share such profits with the folks who are contracted to them? At best, the labels make get be able to force Spotify to increase the residuals paid to Artists. Nick, you could become a shareholder and gift all your profits to your choice of Artists.

  • SV650

    So the only folks who should be well paid for their jobs are those who hate their jobs. Got it!

    Love doesn’t pay the bills.

  • Duster Dashed

    What is “properly compensated”? Are you saying it should be millions or hundreds of thousands?

    Why not 5 figures annually just like everyone else?

  • Olivier

    Ever heard of offer/demand relation and value ? Artists maie as much as they are worth to people. Many of them are starving while some make tens of millions because of contracts and tours that grosses even more than what they are paid. Artists who make millions generate an industry of their own, creating jobs for tours, increasing tourism, etc… then comes promotional contracts because their image is worth alot. They become a brand more than a pure artist. Then there is your local guitarist in a downtown bar who makes less than the minimum wage.

  • Brenda

    Many, many talented artists never go on mammoth tours. They don’t have publicity machines or the fame to do it. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be compensated fairly. And they’re not just your local guitarist. Musicians around the world are lucky if they play a few festivals. They don’t have lavish lifestyles, but they do have bills to pay just like the rest of us.

  • Nick

    You guys are missing that for every artist on a streaming service who isn’t massively popular we’re not talking hundreds of anything – except pennies. A play on Apple Music pays the artist $0.00783… except that unless you’ve got a library of a certain number of albums already, you can’t put your music directly on Apple, you have to go through an aggregator, like CD Baby, which also takes a cut. So basically that’s every band that hasn’t made the big time. Every band that’s big enough to be on a label of some kind might be able to get on there with their label as the aggregator – but then most likely their label is taking a cut. But even in the best case scenario, let’s say you’re an artist who hasn’t ‘made it’ to be getting massive plays… but you’re getting a lot. Let’s say you get 5000 plays, and for the sake of this let’s say you actually get to keep all the money instead of split it with an aggregator. 5000 plays makes you $39.15. Let’s say you’ve got 10 tracks on your album, and miraculously they all get listened to that much. That makes you $391.50. But recording an album (properly) can cost $10,000 to $20,000 and beyond. So the point of an album these days for most people is to use it as a business card to get gigs, and hopefully people will buy a few physical discs at your shows which can help pay for the next album, but won’t make you rich.

  • Jake

    hahahahahahahahaha. WOW. Are there best comments of the year awards cause this one takes the cake!

  • Olivier

    exactly my point. but if you make 10 million a year its cause someone, somewhere knows you are worth this value

  • So Young

    So hockey playes should continue to earn millions per year but artist a little more than the minimum salary? lol

  • TC

    Dont know what communist country you live in but its pretty anti freedom to tell someone or a group of people what they deserve to earn. It’s dangerous and deplorable and you should be ashamed thinking like that.