Amazon Prime Video Gets Maximum Exposure on Apple TV


Amazon Prime Video finally launched for Apple TV a couple days ago, and the app is being featured heavily in the tvOS App Store.

Apple has the Prime Video app feature in its main carousel (highlighting the second season of The Grand Tour), and also the app is the first under ‘What to Watch’, followed by CBC TV (and its new Premium Membership) and Bell Media’s CraveTV:

IMG 0525

Amazon Prime Video for tvOS, once downloaded, is fairly easy to setup. You can sign into your Amazon account right on Apple TV (using the Remote iOS app is easier), or go to and sign in with your Amazon credentials, to register your Apple TV:

IMG 0526

About a minute after signing in on the web into your Amazon account, the Apple TV will automatically refresh to let you know registration was successful.

IMG 0527

Users will also be asked to allow permission to connect the Prime Video app to the new TV app, allowing users to search for Prime Video titles with Siri:

IMG 0528

Overall, the Prime Video layout is relatively decent, although some users are experiencing issues with 5.1 surround sound and only getting 2.1 audio. Amazon is aware of this issue and looking into it.

How are you liking Prime Video for Apple TV so far?


  • Audio is out of sync for me, which I find quite annoying. Probably will avoid using it until I can figure out how to fix that.
    Picture quality looked awful for non-HDR content until I turned on the new “Match Dynamic Range” feature and it looks much better now that my TV is converting the SDR signal instead of the Apple TV.

  • John Derek Gardner

    I really like prime as it has some American tv shows the others don’t.
    Also thanks for the tip Ryan I will turn on the MDR for the picture quality.

  • raslucas

    Ya. I honestly just cancelled my subscription of Crave and got Amazon Prime. It’s a better product from a simple Amazon Video perspective. CraveTV… they make it hard to even log in…. the videos automatically switch to the next episode… which is the WORST!!

    The Canadian content providers need to make better apps (somehow).

  • speedracer99

    Amazon Prime Video works on Apple TV Gen 3 as well!