Apple Releases iOS 4.2.1 GM To Developers


Apple has just released a new GM seed of iOS for developers. iOS 4.2.1 has just been posted. Apple previously released iOS 4.2 GM, only to seed a new version for the iPad (to fix a WiFi issue).

When will iOS 4.2.1 final come? Your guess is as good as mine. There’s less than two weeks left in November, so just be happy when it comes. Stay tuned as this develops.


  • So they get 4.2.1 before we even get 4.2? lol

  • Gary u always late with the news 😛


  • Thanks. 🙂

  • One of these days you’ll get 4.2 🙂

  • its the white iphone 4 ALL over again 😛

  • Makes me wonder if Apple also revised some of the JB “Secuirty holes” that were kicking around in the 4.2 Beta3 release. put the GM out dangle it by a string, let some more JB exploits show themselves, then retract it, and re-release 4.2.1 GM with these potential exploits already capped lol.

    seems doubtful, but it is floating around in the back of my mind.

  • Toule91

    I really really hope that this 4.2 update will fix all the bluetooth problems…..