Apple Reportedly Used a Private Fleet of Aircraft with Military Cameras for Its New 3D Maps


Widespread rumours have anticipated Apple will announce its own maps to replace Google Maps on iOS, alongside a 3D feature, at WWDC 2012. Now, the Telegraph is reporting Apple hired their own aircraft fleet armed with military grade cameras to assist them in their new mapping project (which was started by the so called ‘Geo team’):

Apple has recruited a private fleet of aeroplanes equipped with military standard cameras to produce 3D maps so accurate they could film people in their homes through skylights, according to reports.

According to reports, the images produced will be so clear they will be able to display objects just 4 inches across, with details so vivid they were only available formerly to intelligence services. Apparently 20 cities have been tested with the new technology, with London being one of them. Apple last year acquired C3 Technologies, a Swedish 3D mapping services company.

A new version of Maps would be Apple’s continued effort to distance themselves from Google and their competing Android smartphones.


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  • Zachary 89

     that’s madd creepy

  • einsteinbqat

    Doesn’t mean Apple will use such detail in its maps.

  • Acer

    Wonder how many pics they have of people in….awkward situations haha

  • It’ll be a heck of a job to blur them out–or not!