Apple Retail Store iPhone App Coming Tomorrow?


Tomorrow is going to be a glorious day for our friends in the USA. Why? Because iPhone 4 pre-orders start on Tuesday! As a maple syrup loving Canadian, it’s my national duty and favourite past time to wait for the latest electronics to hit our shores (ie iPad, iPhone 3G, and a chocolate coloured Zune). While Americans get to pre-order from Best Buy, Radio Shack, and the Apple Store, all we can do here in the Great White North is imagine what sort of iPhone 4 plans/prices will be offered from our ‘Big 3’ wireless carriers.

Apple Retail Store iPhone App Coming Tomorrow?

The latest rumour hints that Apple is planning on releasing an Apple Retail Store iPhone app to coincide with the iPhone 4 pre-order. Users will be able to make pre-orders, find Apple Retail locations, make Genius Bar appointments, and more. I think this app would be a hit and it’s been long overdue. Apple has recently released apps for WWDC attendees and iPhone Developers (called iTunes Connect Mobile).

Could we see the Apple Store app next? Now excuse me while I prepare to visit tomorrow thinking I can pre-order the iPhone 4.


  • Me

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the Canadian release isn't delayed like the iPad.

  • Ryan

    We already know it is. Canada wasn't in the list of countries that Steve listed for the June 24th release date.

  • Me2

    Please update on once you hear of the pre-order details or release date for the iPhone 4. I am getting ready to make that LEAP from BB to iPhone.

  • I believe Me was referring to the “late July” release. That, AFAIK is still on schedule.

  • Whoa, that's going to be a big jump. We'll keep you updated.

  • To be exact, I think the promise from Apple was “by the end of July,” which everyone has inferred to mean “late July.” But it could come earlier.

  • chantellejoy

    I'm also staying hopeful that it'll be mid-July (maybe 1 mo after the USA iPhone 4 Release)!

  • Nav

    That's silly that we have to wait. I had hoped that Apple would have offered up the iPhone 4 without a contract. That certainly would have set a new precedence and made the device ubiquitous.

    I'm sure the phone can be easily unlocked…anyone know how to get an iPhone in the US without a contract?

  • So how would one get an iPhone from the Apple store if you have to sign up for a brand new account from one of the big three?

  • Bryan

    It would make sense for them to offer the iPhone 4 direct from the Apple Stores. Mostly because they say the face calling feature requires “no setup” and only works on wifi. So essentially you should be able to go pickup a pair of iPhone 4's and be able to FaceTime without cellular service. But alas, it is Apple we are talking about here.

  • Ex

    Or upgrade your existing account

  • Noahattic

    late july? is this confirmed? all i heard from the keynote was somewhere in july according to steve jobs.

    it could be july 11th like the release date of iphone 3g. mid-july is what i've been thinking these days. hopefully, it wont be like the delay of ipad due to the huge demand. ……………..that's a long wait if it's confirmed to be late july…so sad….

  • magimat

    Hey Gary,

    Why did you say late July in one of your last posts for the canadian release? Do you have any insight on this or did you only say that just to expect worst case scenario?

  • “late July” is the quote we've heard from the big 3 carriers in Canada.

  • beavisaur

    the store is down for updating at the moment

  • beavisaur

    the store is down for updating at the moment

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