Apple Responds to Maps Complaints, Sources Say Team “Under Lockdown” To Fix Issues


Apple’s Maps application was expected to be one of the most impressive features on iOS 6. When iOS 6 beta was announced in June, ‘Maps’ replaced Google Maps, which was a notable feature since the release of iOS in 2007.

The replacement at first was great news because Apple promised turn-by-turn directions, 3D mode, flyover, and beautifully designed maps. But Maps hasn’t exceeded a bulk of the users hopes. This past day Apple has received a barrage of criticism over the amount of serious errors Maps contains. Just a few errors include blurry scenery, stores being mislocated, and more.

In a report with AllThingsDApple has responded to the criticism:

“Customers around the world are upgrading to iOS 6 with over 200 new features including Apple Maps, our first map service,” said spokeswoman Trudy Miller. “We are excited to offer this service with innovative new features like Flyover, turn by turn navigation, and Siri integration. We launched this new map service knowing it is a major initiative and that we are just getting started with it. Maps is a cloud-based solution and the more people use it, the better it will get. We appreciate all of the customer feedback and are working hard to make the customer experience even better.”

Sources tell AllThingsD that the team assigned to the app is under lockdown right now working to fix it.

In a poll we conducted earlier today, 75% of our readers said they don’t like iOS 6 maps; while the other 25% of readers enjoy the maps. That really tells a story; Apple needs to up their game.

If you want Google Maps back, rumour has it that Google is waiting for the application to be approved by Apple. Knowing Apple’s past with Google Voice, it may never be approved though.

I wish Apple all the luck, but it seems like Maps contains a whole lot of errors. I haven’t seen any with my area, but reports have shown hundreds.


  • Well, with the sky view in niagara falls. all i see are clouds for 1/5 of the city. so, that was an annoyance.

    If you go into areas in Québec around Sherbrooke, it becomes very grey even though the land there is all trees and grass.

  • RyanStOnge

    Apple needs to get going on this development! Niagara falls especially, people won’t enjoy a popular location being fogged out in maps.

  • Why would Apple dump google map for there own crap map .Simple they are useless with out Jobs,and don’t give a crap about the consume.

  • yvrgal

    I was able to use the Turn by Turn directions yesterday. Even with Siri talking. But today, it won’t work.

  • Christopher Jones

    That’s because those specific images were taken at night. The same thing is with my area, and there’s a couple parks near my house, very green.

  • Christopher Jones

    They consider Google a direct competitor now, and will treat them just like they’ve treated companies like Microsoft now.

  • Mathieu

    I honestly think we need to stop complaining and help Apple to fix those issues, can you imagine how hard it is to start a map app from scratch. My personal taught about Maps is that its simply awesome and will be perfect with time.

  • Mathieu

    oh! and also do you think google map was that great the day after its first launch?

  • They can’t do everything perfect the first time .. People have such high expectations of apple as they should but this is their first shot at Maps so people need to cut them a little slack ..

  • jabohn

    Everywhere in my area is also grayscale when zoomed way in. Zoom out and the color returns.

  • alamarco

    It’s not about high expectations. It’s about Apple removing an application that a lot of people relied on. Google Maps was functional and did it’s job well. Apple took that away from people and replaced it with a mediocre offering.

    If the application wasn’t ready for prime time they shouldn’t have tossed Google aside so quickly.

  • Kellie

    I actually found one way where it was better. It took me on the fastest and easiest way to the highway, rather than taking main streets with tones of lights. Google never showed me that, we had to figure it out by timing and testing the routes.

  • Acer12345

    This is what happens when you release a beta software along with the product. (Siri, Maps).

  • Acer12345

    With the amount of hype Apple surrounds itself with, it’s not really unfair to blame them.

  • Fab

    Apple maps failed why did they even do that google maps is perfect they already went through errors and such to make it great.

  • Networx

    I’m on vacation in Myrtle Beach and used Apple Maps to try and find a Kohl’s store. Apple Maps put me a few miles away in a very scary trailer park. My dated Co-pilot GPS app got us to the store just fine. I didn’t even get shot turning around. Now, in defence of Apple, I’ve been using Apple Maps in beta for a few months and this is the first time I’ve had a problem. Maybe it’s the huge amount of users checking it out that’s causing issues. Still, you do expect more from Apple.

  • dbrake

    I tried it today in my car and it didn’t move with me. I never had a problem with google maps. Very disappointing!

  • N.

    Nothing is wrong with being a fanboy but that doesn’t mean that you statements no longer need to be balanced. Example:
    “The replacement at first was great news because Apple promised turn-by-turn directions, 3D mode, flyover, and beautifully designed maps.”: Not it was not great news. No one cares about flyover. It is not better designed than google maps, and google on android and third party apps on iOS have had those other features for ages.

    “But Maps hasn’t exceeded a bulk of the users hopes.”: Hasn’t exceeded? Seriously?

  • Okina

    Mercifully I haven’t downloaded iOS6 yet. And whether or not I do in the next few days will have little to do with the current state Apple Maps. So hopefully the lockdown will improve the app. No doubt Apple will demand it, no doubt many of you already do.

    To be honest, I just think of how dependent we’ve become on, and how imperfect GPS can be, sometimes. There have been some tragic cases of this too.

    Since I don’t have iOS6 yet, I haven’t seen Maps yet. But my first blush just tells me nothing beats a traditional premade street map (or printed, or previously emailed to your phone) and your senses. I’ll be curious to see Maps when the time comes.

    Or I’ll get Google Maps back…whenever it gets approval from Apple to go on to the app store.

  • nosnoop

    Well, if they are REPLACING a very fine App with their own, they’d better make sure that it works as well as the one they replace!
    Otherwise, why replace Google Maps?
    This shows that the move was a pure business decision with total disregard to users’ need or users’ benefit.

  • If they had an imperfect Map app, they should not have loaded it on the phone- especially not when that meant blocking access to a map app that had 7 years of development. Sure, many apps have started out disappointing, like Siri, but the difference is, no one was already dependent on Siri when Apple first introduced it, so her flaws did not interfere with functions you already depended on. This is messing with a fundamental application for most smartphone users. Half the reason I broke down and switched to a smartphone was so that I would have Maps on my phone. It’s one thing to ask your users to grin and bear it while a novel feature is improved, it is quite another to expect them to be happy and patient when Apple has taken away a well-made app, replaced it with a below-average substitute, and not provided any alternative means of getting that functionality back (ie no Google Maps in app store).

  • Jon

    This move is pure selfishness by Apple and the reason I won’t be updating to iOS 6 or the iPhone 5. If they cared about the user they would at least offered to have it as a downloadable app until its on par with google maps. I doubt they will ever catch up though. Late to the party apple was.

  • Ya but it wasnt advertised as beta buddy.

  • Vikram662

    It will be fixed and everyone will be happy again. Like always.

  • LEXX

    But in reality it IS a beta product buddy…

  • Maps are like Siri … the more people use it the more it will improve. Siri has improved quite a bit over the last year, and even over the last three or four months since iOS six Beta first email. What I would liked Apple to do, is merge their map information to Google’s map information while Apple Maps in in Beta, and to leverage Google’s open-source transit information for public transit.

    That being said, I’m pleased that a couple of apps I use (Navigon North America & The Transit App) are already supporting the new Public Transit function in Maps. It’s working well, but not as seamlessly as Google Maps.

    Hopefully Google releases their Google Maps app soon though, and hopefully Apple gets their Maps app working better for people. It’s been working fine for me in Toronto (the Turn by Turn is really nice), but it’s obviously not up to the standard of Google Maps yet.

  • rpret103

    ya like honestly i searched from my own house to a chinese restaurant a block away from my house just to check and it couldn’t find it?? granted, I didn’t put in the actual address, but with the old maps I could search by keyword no problem and it did an amazing job finding what I was looking for…..seriously apple? i always defend you all the time and you give me this? seriously can’t believe it

  • Kakarot

    It should be optional, androids google maps is already superior to ios… Now this :/

  • Donkey Kong

    What are you talking about LEXX?

  • excaliburca

    He means that the functionality and the amount of bugs that have been found would be indicative of a beta product, but Apple touting it as a finished product.

  • L84toff

    Actually people shouldn’t cut them any slack at all. Apple decided to taut how awesome their app was going to be. They set the bar that high, not us, they created this high expectation. Now the real thing has come out and it has not only not impressed most, it is quite the disappointment. This isn’t some app developer with a first time app we’re talking about here. I don’t feel bad for their failure, everyone will have them once in a while. But again, Apple sets the bar so high themselves that this is a failure even in their eye. I have to agree that this wouldn’t have happened under Steve’s watch. I’m sure Apple’s map app will improve over time, no doubt there. But what they should do in the meantime is expedite Google’s map app approval and get it into the hands of their loyal customers as quickly as they can.

  • L84toff

    Incidentally this is the sole reason I am not upgrading to iOS6.

  • Dave

    At this rate the idea that the more people who use Apple Maps the better it will get is in trouble. Lots of people are not using the app so we are in for a long wait until it improves, if it ever does. Somebody is not in charge like in the past.

  • Brian

    Samsung is a direct competitor. Maybe Apple should start making all their own parts, too. This Maps fiasco reminds me of the German Trabant. “We don’t need your stinking technology, we’ll just do it ourselves!”

  • hub2

    Worse, there’s no desktop or browser version that we can go to. I’d be able to submit reports a lot faster and more detailed via desktop than I can on my iPhone.

  • hub2

    Invalid comparison.

    Google Maps wasn’t a frontline feature, and didn’t replace a previous offering. Feature-wise, it was also far superior to the heavyweight at the time, Mapquest and another I’ve completely forgotten about now.

    So its quirks were accepted far more easily.

    The whole reason Apple’s slower to release features is, supposedly, to ensure it works right, or better. Hence no LTE until the battery sucking was solved, and the lack of other bleeding edge or overly techy features found on Android. Release a severely lacking feature, and that rationale falls through.

    Doesn’t mean it won’t sell like hotcakes, but neither do record sales excuse such a serious quality assurance failure.

  • Agreed. Why they didn’t make a web version available (even within iCloud) is beyond me.

  • Expectations_lol

    LOL, people have high expectations of Apple ?? Are you serious ?
    Apple has been lagging behind Android within a year or so of Android and Samsung Galaxy.
    I don’t believe knowledgeable people have any expectations of Apple any longer.
    Apple ran out of Innovation a number of years ago, now they just copy, buy, and play dirty patent wars.

  • More_Bad_Apples

    Well this was certainly a blatant fan boy delusional article. No offense intended, just trying to help you tweek your writing a bit so it is more believable 😉
    I don’t know anyone that was happy with Apple no longer using Google Maps. It was another obvious temper tantrum move by Apple.
    The only thing I thought was missing from the Google Maps app was turn by turn directions, that is definitely one thing that has been sorely lacking.
    However… turn by turn directions is completely useless if the database is crap. With missing stores, gas stations, ATM’s, road updates etc. a map app is garbage.
    I won’t be updating to IOS 6 until Google has a good replacement app released or Apple pulls a miracle and someone gets years and years of database updates incorporated into their map kludge they are trying to push.
    However for me this is the last straw with Apple, even with a proper mapping application with Google, Apple products are so limited that I won’t have the ability to specify the new Google Map app as my default. So every address in my contacts will need to be manually copied and pasted into the Google App rather than clicking a button and being done.
    Unfortunately this type of Apple limitation is rampant in its design. Very very inflexible. The user has very little option to configure the experience to what they want, just just have to live with what they get.