Apple in Talks with TV Programmers for Own Web TV Service: Re/code


Apple’s long rumoured TV plans may have been revealed, as Re/code reports the company is in talks with TV programmers to bring an “over the top” pay TV service to the Cupertino company’s product offerings, according to industry executives:

The theory is that Apple would put together bundles of programming — but not the entire TV lineup that pay TV providers generally offer — and sell it directly to consumers, over the Web. That means Apple wouldn’t be reinventing the way TV works today, but offering its own version of it, with its own interface and user experience.

Apple has shown programmers demos of the proposed service, sources say. But talks seem to be in the early stages, which means terms like pricing and timing aren’t close to being ironed out. Several programmers say they’ve yet to start talks with Apple at all.

By putting together select bundles of TV programming, Apple would sell directly to consumers over the web and not offer entire channels lineups like what cable companies currently do. Apple would be able to control their own user interface and experience this way.

Sources say demos of the TV service have been shown to programmers but talks are in early stages, with some noting they haven’t even started talks with Apple yet.

Back in 2012, the Wall Street Journal claimed Apple’s vision for a new device would include a set-top box for easy TV viewing and simple access. Meanwhile, last April a Comcast FCC filing seemingly confirmed an Apple set-top box was in the works.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly said the living room and television is “an area of intense interest”, hinting the company has plans for a big change in the arena, but nothing has materialized despite previous rumours of an actual TV being launched.


  • Chrome262

    Wonder how much it will cost, the issue is right now if I want to buy shows, its like 40 bucks a season. three shows is already more then what I pay a month for cable, sure its for 13 weeks (some more or less), but go past 3 shows and it gets pretty expensive.

  • Nick

    Doesn`t matter were probably a decade away from seeing this in Canada with Bell/Shaw/Rogers

  • sukisszoze

    Wonder if Apple will disrupt the current streaming of shows and give Netflix a run for the money..

  • Chrome262

    I don’t think it will have anything to do with them, its internet based, but that will all depend on CRTC not screwing this up and allowing competition. Hell I bet Apple would be happy to include tons of Canadian content we don’t want.