Apple TV in Canada Gets ‘TV Shows’ Menu Again Along with More TV Networks


Just over a week ago, Apple unleashed the ‘TV Shows’ menu for second generation Apple TV units in Canada and across the globe. This silent update did not allow users to purchase shows, but some previews worked. Aside from being cosmetic, it seemed odd the update had appeared. Soon after, Apple pulled the update and everything disappeared like magic.

Now, it appears Apple TV units in Canada are once again receiving updates for the ‘TV Shows’ menu. Not only that–purchases work as advertised. Earlier today, Apple introduced TV shows to iCloud, and also launched iTunes Match in Canada.

Here’s the menu from a week ago. The updated menu includes a tab for ‘Music’ as well:

Also, this update has introduced a variety of new networks in the ‘TV Networks’ menu, not previously seen in the former premature update.

Here was the original list of seven TV networks:

…and the current updated list, of more than 11 that includes notables such as ABC Studios, Animal Planet, BBC, and more:

Are you seeing this update? Let us know if everything is in working order!

Thanks @cmdrogers!


  • Anonymous

    You have a missing menu. I have a Music menu, too.

  • I have it too…hope they get more licensing agreements nailed down…it would be great to get Dexter, Weeds and Breaking Bad as soon as they are showing on regular TV.

  • Doogie

    Up and running, but it sure would be great to be able to rent TV shows (getting bored of torrents).

  • Is there anywhere I can find the full list of channels available? If I can get some of the shows that I want with this ease, it might convince me to buy one of these…

  • Mystified in Calgary

    Just got my Apple TV 2 days ago (January 10, 2012).  TV menus were clearly visible.  Did not try a download.  Now the TV shows and TV menu have disappeared again (January 12, 2012).

    Calgary, AB

  • I have had the TV Shows since mid-December and they disappeared sometime last night….  They better come back, I have two season worth of shows that I don’t have saved and haven’t finished watching.