Apple Updates MobileMe Calendar Webapp With Alerts


Tonight Apple announced the availability of calendar alerts on using the company’s MobileMe service.

Similar to how calendar alerts work on any iOS device, users can now set up alerts for events and receive notifications through the online webapp so long as the web browser is open with the Calendar webapp.

The new MobileMe Calendar web application now includes the ability to set and edit alerts to remind you of upcoming events. Like the calendar alerts you can already set on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and PC (with Outlook), they will be displayed on whichever device you’re using to remind you that an event is about to start.

If you’re a MobileMe member, check it out at



  • My mobileme calendar has been reminding me of my set dates since I got it last summer. Unless I’m misunderstanding something here, I fail to see what’s new.

  • Jeremy

    The difference is you can now make the alerts on the MobileMe websites, before you couldn’t.

  • Ahh I see. Thanks for filling me in. I use my macs ical or iphone which sync to mobileme anyways that’s why I didn’t notice any changes.