Apple WWDC 2012 Keynote Video Now Online


Apple has released their keynote video for WWDC 2012 on for viewing. Currently, it appears the video is being slammed as you can access it via, but the page itself shows ‘Available shortly’. So, keep trying, stayed tuned and enjoy they keynote!

Requirements: Streaming video requires Safari 4 or 5 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion, Safari on iOS 3 or later, or QuickTime 7 on Windows.

Click here to watch the Apple Special Event for WWDC 2012.


  • Ben Senise

    if you’re using any browser other than safari and can’t get the video, try with safari. seems like you get priority. i have firefox, chrome, and safari open. on the first two i get the “try again later” message. safari gets right in.

  • Yeah, I had tested it on Chrome at the time of publishing. Safari is the best bet.