AppleCare+ HomePod Pricing to Cost $39 USD


If you haven’t heard, Apple’s HomePod smart speaker launches pre-orders this Friday, but only in the US, UK and Australia. Canada isn’t part of the launch, which could be related to the device launching with English-only support to start.

If you’re into AppleCare+ for your Apple devices, pricing for HomePod will cost $39 USD (or about $48 CAD after the exchange rate), as noted by 9to5Mac, according to a “document distributed to Apple Stores.”

Coverage for HomePod will include up to two incidents of accidental damage charged at $39 USD each, say, if your HomePod got knocked off your fireplace mantle, or was used in a game of pick up football, and damaged the device’s touch controls.

Apple homepod speaker

AppleCare+ includes two years of warranty coverage with phone support, adding peace of mind for customers who want added protection for their speaker priced at $349 USD.

For Canadians looking to buy HomePod from the US and export it back to Canada, the speaker will work here but limited to Siri in English only.


  • Tim

    This is something I would expect to last for at least 5 (closer to 10 years) without hiccups. It’s meant to sit in one spot with minimal physical interaction. I shouldn’t have to buy extended warranty to ensure it can handle sitting there and making sounds.

  • Matt

    Whoa! $39?! I’m buying 487 of them!

  • MrXax

    Good lord, they’re selling this thing for $349 USD? Absurd!