Apple’s iOS Web Page Updated to Stress Security Features


Apple has updated their iOS feature page to highlight security features of iOS (as noted by Apple Bitch) with the following addition under the subsection ‘Safety and security by design’:

“Low-level hardware and firmware features are designed to protect against malware and viruses, while high-level OS features help to secure access to personal information and corporate data”.

As for the security a passcode lock provides, this section was added:

You can set a passcode lock to prevent unauthorized access to your device and configure it to delete all your data after too many unsuccessful passcode attempts. This passcode also automatically encrypts and protects your stored email as well as allows third-party apps to encrypt their stored data. iOS supports encrypted network communication that apps can use to protect your sensitive information during transmission”

There is also mention of Find my iPhone, a security feature that allows remote tracking and wiping of your iOS device. It was used recently to track and retrieve a B.C. woman’s lost iPhone in England during her European vacation.

Jailbroken iPhones were susceptible to having passcodes bypassed, as demonstrated back by a Swedish security firm in March of this year. Everyone should have a passcode set on their iPhone, as it’s the first line of protecting your info should your device be lost or stolen. Here are the top 10 passcodes you should avoid using.

Here are Apple’s tips on setting up a passcode:

  • Simple passcodes are four digits long. You can disable simple passcode to require a longer passcode with alphanumeric characters.
  • You can configure your device to automatically erase all contents (Secure Erase) after ten failed passcode attempts.
  • iCloud users can remotely lock their device with a passcode using Find My iPhone.
  • If you enter an incorrect passcode too many times, the device will be disabled temporarily.

Do you have a passcode set on your iPhone?


  • Steven Thompson

    I don’t use a passcode, although important information (such as 1password) is password protected in the app. I figure that I can set up an iCloud passcode quickly if my phone is ever lost or stolen, since I will definitely notice quickly.

  • Shuttaman

    Best way I believe is to make an option to change the location of the numbers randomly on the digital passcode, so it would be even harder for someone looking away to make out the password by looking at the finger movements.
    Only problem that could happen is when you have this option along with the other option to delete all data, and you happen to be drunk while trying to enter the passcode

  • Maybe the best security feature I have found thus far in IOS 6 is he inability to connect to wifi. That is locking things down pretty tight!

  • All it takes is someone to turn on Airplane Mode and your phone is gone forever.