Are you Having iPhone WiFi Issues on iOS 5.0.1?


It appears iOS 5.0.1 has some WiFi issues for some people. I have received a few emails about this and I’ve experienced it lately on my own iPhone 4S.

All signs point to being connected to WiFi, but no data is being transferred. At first I thought I was going crazy. A reset of network settings has not helped. This thread in the Apple Support Communities shows others are also experiencing the same problems. Next up, could be a complete restore to address the issue.

Apple has released iOS 5.1 beta to developers, so expect any bugs to be squashed in that public release–it should be coming soon.

Are you suffering from WiFi connection issues with iOS 5.0.1?


  • Dongski08

    happened to me today. i thought its shaw, but checked my macpro and ipad2, their wifi is ok.

    restarted iphone 4s and back with data. not a pleasant experience.

  • B Ata

    Have exact same problem. I was updating some apps and it got stuck. Now 14 apps are in waiting mode. But can not continue. This all on Ipad2 with IOS 5.0.1

  • Kraken

    It really baffles me how big issues like this gets past the beta stage.  Apple really needs to hire competent QA testers.

  • Alimohd_81

    I am having WIFI issues on  it. It doesn’t seem to connect. Apple was singing larels about their new device, so far all that has come are battery issues and WIFI glitch

  • Anonymous

    I’ve found that a quick hop in and out of airplane mode fixes it. Restores don’t. Neither do resets. Tried both to no avail.

    Glad it’s not a 4S only issue. Bad enough we don’t have a jb yet. 🙂

  • Johnnyk

    Does this happen to jb phones only ?

  • No

  • K3

    so they can decide over the next round which one it will be to “lose” the phone? Maybe Obama
    can have area 51 on loan prior to the iPhone 5 release.

  • Wjw2web

    No problem at home, but at work connections only work once. As soon as it goes sleep and wake up, no longer can connect.

  • Ravnator

    I can’t update mp apps. A message appears saying that ‘Download can’t be done please try again’. When I turn wifi off and try then it’ll work:(

  • Ravnator

    BTW I have iphone4 and it’s not JB

  • Levilikethejeans

    Not only am I having Wifi issues, but location services are no longer working either.  I have done a network reset and a full restore.  It is terrible!

  • Anon

    First Antenna-gate, now WiFi-gate.   Good job Apple!  Good Job!  Maybe they will be giving out free bumper cases to solve this issue. 

  • SteveJobs

    You’re holding it wrong!

  • Frankie

    Ah come on. It’s the same with all software in every device and platform. If a bug has a 1 in 50000 chance of screwing a phone (or a PC), 50000 people have to have it before the maker realizes there is a bug!

  • Frankie

    I noticed my wifi connection has become a little slower and it’s latency (response time) a little more. Otherwise it’s fine. But I never had a problem with the battery either.

  • I’m having huge problems, and the thousands of people in Apple Community Forums proves it’s not a simple or consistent issue.  Enabling or disabling your Bluetooth setting should not affect the phone’s ability to connect to wi-fi, but in my case it does.

  • Darmorrow

    I’m having wifi and locational issues on 2 iPhone 4, and an iPod touch 4G. Yesterday I was on the iPhone streaming with Instacast and the iPhone went dead. Had to hook it up to the Mac to fix it. Also having some real latency issues on some apps when typing.

  • zimage8

    The 4S is my first smartphone. I’ve been wanting an iphone for years. but the WiFi glitch, battery drain and frequent “no service” times and Siri not being nearly as useful as I had hoped has really made this an underwhelming experience for me. 

    btw re: wifi specifically, I’ve found that on several occasions when the WiFi ‘catches’ on for a few seconds then disappears, if I leave it alone (no retries, reboots etc) it will catch and maintain the connection on it’s own. Still incredibly annoying and unnecessary in my opinion. 

  • zimage8

    …that is, it will catch on after a few minutes…

  • Chadboycool

    When ever I go into my room the signal just goes away. Someone please help

  • Okme2

    I’m typing this on my old 3GS because my 4s won’t work right on WiFi right now.

    It takes forever to load a YouTube clip that loads in seconds on my 3GS.

    I’m going to do a side by side and record it.
    Both devices are updated.

  • Chad McCollister

    True, but if you look at the survey results at the top of this article you’ll see over 75% of those taking the poll have wifi issues. Unacceptable for a second gen device that needs wifi for a majority of its functionality! Get it right Apple.