Backstreet Boys Immortalize The Apple Store ‘Crazy Lady’ [VIDEO]



Last week, a Vine clip of a woman expressing her frustrations in an Apple store went viral. It appears Jimmy Kimmel found this clip so mesmerising that he felt that her performance needed to be immortalized in a song. The Backstreet Boys, who happened to be lying around his studio, have taken her dialogue and made a song out of it (via CNET).

The clip, that was shared on Vine by actress Porscha Coleman, showed a lady who walked into an L.A. Apple store and screamed her head off for not having an appointment at the Genius Bar. On Jimmy’s advice, the Backstreet Boys created something far more tuneful out of it, a “cappella”.

From the malodorous to the melodious.

You will, on hearing this ditty, surely hum it for days as you wander about your office on your legs or skateboard.

Sing along now: “I was told by AppleCare that I could walk in the store and get a part.”

So that’s what happens when Barbershop meets Apple store!


  • Sidney R.


  • Soon, this lady will be singing “show me the meaning of being lonely”

  • WatDah

    Check and you’ll see that’s the only song on her playlist.

  • Probably could add ‘Siberia’ to the playlist too

    (don’t ask why I know all the BSB songs)

  • WatDah

    As a fellow Asain born sometime in the late 70s-80s and raised in a foreign country, I understand =)

  • Chrome262

    I am just shocked that anyone still uses Vine

  • Lol

  • Chrome262

    Oh and I feel sorry for the father of that child, he has to put up with that all, day long

  • Just goes to show, don’t freak out in public nowadays because you’re going to be on camera.

  • J. W.

    Someone tell me why…

  • The only reason I know the songs is because my wife was a hardcore fan during their prime. And I went to a BSB concert with her once. It was frickin’ amazing.

  • WatDah

    Aww… that case I just said too much about myself. Thanks Gary. lol

  • Everybody wants to love the backstreet boys but nobody wants to love the backstreet boys

  • Nick00050

    the lady is full on right. hell with the appointment crap, just say we’ll get a rep to grab it for you in about 7-10 mins. The word “appointment” doesn’t go to well with many people. Especially when you’re so close to your objective.

  • Ari

    Uh, shouldn’t those who bought Apple care get priority service?

  • It is a confusing action, the shout so what could be better. The attention of the people, affect people around.

  • Mark

    Awesome! Maybe Apple should adopt some of AF’s motto – our products aren’t for everyone.

  • lolwut?

    What does being Asian have anything to do with it? There are more “white people” fans.