Battle Of The Specs: iPhone 4S Vs. iPhone 4 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S II


While we discuss whether to buy an iPhone 4S right now or wait for a totally re-designed iPhone 5 to launch sometime next year, an interesting comparison between iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S II has been published by ThisIsMyNext. A chart lists all the features and specs for the three top notch smartphones available in the market. Even though there are two iOS devices against an android handset, the comparison mainly details the hardware “by the numbers” for the three handsets one by one.

About the iPhone 4S, the source says:

Clearly, it looks identical to last year’s model — but the iPhone 4S’ features and specs are all about details. On top of exclusive support for Apple’s new Siri “intelligent assistant” and dictation system, the 4S comes in a new 64GB flavor and ups the camera to include an 8-megapixel sensor with improved low-light performance and 1080p video capture. For CDMA users, the support for GSM global roaming should be a pretty big deal, too.

So, are you getting in line on October 14th at your local Apple store?


  • Musumekiller

    I wish the screen is bigger on 4S.  3.5 is too small

  • ET

    No, no way will I waste time to line up at an apple store for this, my iphone 4 is good enough, it will easily last me at least another year, until when they actually release an updated phone.

  • Leadergo

    Did I just see 3 hrs talk time on Galaxy II? Wow. Hahaha.

  • Dave

    I tend not to be polarized too far either way. All of the above phones are very good. The talk time looks wrong for the S2, it is variously listed as between 7 and 9 hours on 3G. I would wager the iPhone would outlast it, but not by 6 hours.

    The S2 is also expandable presently to 80 GB, (16GB internal + 64 GB Micro SDHC). Although it’s not official, anyone who wants to pop in a 64Gb card can have it running correctly in seconds.

  • dennis

    dont cream your pants just yet… was a typo……hahahahaha

  • Abdul

    I’ve been an iphone afficionado for a while now, but i recently upgraded to the SGSII (i could stand waiting for an iphone 4S, and my 4 crapped out on me). I can say this, out of the box, the iphones have it. but with a little tweaking, my SGSII dominates. My batt life gets me more than a day of heavy usage (i’ve had MUCH more than 3 hours of talk time + all the regular browsing, fb’ing and stuff). Okay theres so siri voice assistant, but Its got Vlingo pre-installed, which is pretty zippy and does everything i want it too. for example if i just say “weather” it googles it for me and pops it open. All in all, different strokes for different folks eh?

  • Abdul

    couldnt* lol

  • Gbatata

    Will the Canadian version include Siri? The Apple Canada site doesn’t include siri as a feature like it does on the Apple US or UK sites.

  • Jonathan_beggs

    siri is not the only voice asst. around, the app can be used for android apple or windows through vlingo or nuance, the vlingo is free, they all work very similarly.

  • Yes, it will.

  • A type that hasn’t been fixed? :O

  • Matt

    $200 for the Galaxy S II isn’t right. I got mine for $70 on contract when it first came out. I’ve been seeing it for $150 lately but goes on sale for as low as $25, depending on carrier.

  • Matt

    3 hours isn’t correct. It’s closer to 9 hours.

  • Naturr

    None of us has used Siri yet but if the Live demo is a fair representation then it is very usable.  Vlingo on the other hand can’t get 6 words, in a row, correct in a quiet room let alone an auditorium.

  • Frankie

    Specs mean nothing as comparing the iPhone 4S to Galaxy S II is like comparing Apples(!) to Oranges. They are based on 2 different platforms. What 1 GB RAM and Dual-Core processor is on Android platform is totaly different than it is on iOS devices (not to mention the difference in design, architecture and interface of memory, CPU, GPU and storage). Same with all the Apps. They may look the same on both platforms, but they demand different resources. The only way to compare performances between the two devices is to run a bunch of apps and take an average of the performance times and stability and then compare.

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  • rocky0138

    I already have iphone 4,, wanted to upgrade,,disappointed from iphone 4s and so im now getting samsung galaxy s2

  • Antonio_zeus

    Talk about being bias towards Apple, the prices and specs on the Galaxy S2 aren’t entirely correct or up-to-date.

    Let’s not forget the Galaxy S2 has talking GPS (turn by turn) and has been out for over 8 months (starting in Europe).

    Great job Apple for being late!

  • joe

    agreed.  putting siri on this comparison list is stupid.