Bell Customers Complaining of Being Misled by Sales Reps


According to a report by CBC News, Bell customers are complaining of being misled at the door by sales reps, who guaranteed the price for the services they are signing up wouldn’t go up for 2 years, but increased after just 6 months. The publication has shared the story of a Toronto man named Gianmarco Minichillo who was sold TV, internet and home phone by a door-to-door salesman.

Gianmarco minichillo on phone

A sales agent for Bell Canada knocked on Minichillo’s door last year, touting that Bell had just installed fibre-optic cable in his neighbourhood, and was offering a promotional package for TV, internet and home phone services. “He told me it was a guaranteed price of $100 a month for the next two years,” says Minichillo. “Sounded good to me, so I cancelled my Rogers services.”

But in October, he noticed that his monthly bill for his TV service had increased by $3. When he called Bell to inform that his bill had incorrectly gone up, he was told that it wasn’t an error and that Bell was entitled to increase prices during a contract.

That’s when he learned that the only thing “guaranteed” when he signed a two-year contract was a monthly $25 discount — Bell’s “terms of service” allow the telecom to increase fees for products and services to cover such things as administrative or service costs.

“It’s an open-ended contract where only they win,” says an exasperated Minichillo. “They can do whatever they want, because if their expenses go up … I can’t say anything about it because I signed a contract [with cancellation fees].”  

On his most recent bill, Minichillo has noticed that the price for his internet service is going up $5 a month on April 1, and his home phone will cost an additional $2 a month.

Here’s a video of him on call with call centre, fighting to get new charges off his bill. Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments section.


  • typical scum. Thankfully I’m not with Bell!

  • Also his video isn’t the whole conversation.

  • clee666

    I got scammed too 🙁

  • Bill___A

    From the information here, it sounds like a strange contract which would state a specific discount and allow the price to increase. Sort of like hotels allowed to put in “resort fees” and “marketing fees”. I am not a fan of over regulation but a the same time, we need to have consumer protection laws to stop these seemingly odd practices.

  • Jack

    Something similar happened to me as well with Telus, thankfully I didn’t fall for it. A Telus sales person came to my door advertising that my house is fibre enabled now, so I should consider their service. Considering the plan that he offered, I took up on the offer to cancel my current service with Rogers and switch to Telus. But this little bird in my brain wanted to be sure so I called Telus the next day and their phone customer rep told me that whatever was offered by the sales man doesn’t exist in their list of plans, instead the plan that I would have been setup would be about $25 more with less channels than what he had signed me up for. I immediately backed out and canceled the switch to stay with my current provider.

  • Joe

    Door-to-door reps receive commissions for every person they sign up. Don’t blame them: if they don’t lie and mislead you, Bell will just fire them and get someone else to do it. And yeah, Telus and Rogers do the same thing.

  • Christine

    I’m having same Bell i was . told 99$ for 2 years no increases guaranteed . not only by one person but 3 people at call centers seems like they can do what ever rhey want .. rogers usesu” subject to change” in there ads.. . misleading for sures

  • Christine

    something needs to be done!! it’s horrible contracc termst

  • Andrew Viarruel

    Bell has given me a specific rate and several reps claimed it was for a term. Sure enough, last year the price was increased and I was told to go fly a kite. So yeah, the telecoms run this country. The CRTC is in their pocket. Always have been.