Bell iPhone Coming November 4th? Telus Soon After?


Whenever there are announcements of iPhones being sold by anyone or any place, rumors always start flying. Bell and Telus officially announced they would be selling the iPhone in Canada to compete with Rogers.

However, both companies have not specified any dates on when their iPhones will launch. Bell and Telus both have pre-registration pages that consumers can register for to get breaking release news.

Sources Say Bell Will Offer the iPhone on November 4th?

Well, let’s start off with the first unconfirmed iPhone rumour, shall we? Electronista reports according to their sources that Bell will start selling the iPhone on November 4th. Other tidbits include users with the Smartphone Combo plans will be able to use them with the iPhone. It’ll be interesting to see what else Bell will offer to give incentive for people on Rogers to switch over.


Telus HSPA Employee Training Ending Around the Same Time

There’s also word on the streets that Telus HSPA training will end on November 3rd. Also, shortly after Telus will be launching a full scale assault on Rogers by introducing some of their latest HSPA handsets. These will include such gems as the Nokia E71, HTC Hero, Blackberry Bold 9700, LG BL40, and of course the iPhone 3GS.


One thing we can bet on with these rumours, is that if the iPhone is really coming in the next few months, expect tonnes of advertising on all platforms. When Rogers officially announced they were selling the iPhone, we were bombarded with ads on TV, print, and online. Expect Telus and Bell to do the same. What’s interesting about all of this is that Apple hasn’t confirmed Bell and Telus selling the iPhone in Canada.

Rogers, Fido, Bell, and Telus. That’s four carriers selling the iPhone in Canada. Our neighbours down south? They get one: AT&T. 🙂

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  • Dusty

    *What’s interesting about all of this is that Apple hasn’t confirmed Bell and Telus selling the iPhone in Canada.*

    I have not seen anything yet from Apple… I heard though on the Radio that Telus and Bell will soon be selling the iPhone though.

  • I really hope they will sell the iPhone soon…
    None are perfect… but I think Telus has the best customer service…
    I'm sick of Rogers's and Fido's mistake on my invoice…

  • mark

    Somebody working at Telus told me it will be released on november 10.

  • vik

    interesting…im hoping for some great deals heheh!
    gotta love competition….then again, lets hope rogers and the others havent colluded and conspired with another…

  • jonomacdono

    somebody working at Bell told me it would begin being sold on Nov 1.

  • jonomacdono

    See what I did there? I said that Bell would be getting the iPhone on November 1st, and it's a total lie. I am sick of people posting random dates for products that agents for these companies have no CLUE about.

  • hahahaha nice.

    As always, you should only believe it when it comes directly from Apple and
    as of yet, Apple has said nothing.

  • gmsnake

    I talked to Telus on the phone this morning and they told me the iPhone should be launching within the first week of November

  • I heard it was coming out on November 31st.
    Yup, 31st is what I heard.


  • cheapbast

    Lol!!!! Am I the only one who got this??????

    Too funny 🙂

  • I think so. I tried to make it obvious. Hahaha

  • Anonymous
  • U guys all wrong!!!!! They will be selling iphone 4gs oh yeah baby!!!!

  • Just was at a Telus Dealer … nearby , I was curious as to the data rates .. the girl said ” November 4th too me “

  • georgemichaeltoo

    I don't expect to see real difference between what will Bell or Telus offer compared to Rogers. Anyone take close look at this so called competition will see that this competition is not real and they are all sharing the market instead of competing against each other. That goes for all services they offer, wireless, TV, internet, and home phone. To have real competition that will be in favor of the poor Canadian consumer, international carries should have their chance to enter the Canadian market, only then we may see real competition .
    Our neighbours down south may only get one: AT&T. but look at what they get for the buck, unlimited minutes, unlimited Data for far less than what Rogers or his friends offer or will ever offer. We are in desperate need for Consumers associations to stand up for the Canadians.


    See what you did there? Wow so cool, you make it sound like you did some sneaky trick for people to catch on to and no one said anything about it. Loser!


    See what you did there? Wow so cool, you make it sound like you did some sneaky trick for people to catch on to and no one said anything about it. Loser!

  • marypretotto

    Hi Everyone. This is Mary with Rogers. Just to clarify, Rogers/Fido customers can already make calls over wifi using the Skype app that is available in Canada. We can't comment on Skype over a wireless network as the app available in Canada does not currently enable. But Rogers/Fido customers can use other VOIP applications that operate over the network today.

  • salc_75

    Ummm, you count Fido as an independent carrier??

  • ben1905

    yeah guys iphone is coming soon.

  • gaven

    Like the other guy said Rogers and Fido are part of the same company.

  • nice

  • nice