Best Buy Offers Canucks Fans iPhone 4 for $99 to Celebrate Playoffs


If you’ve been waiting to pick up an iPhone 4, the following deal could be for you. According to Techvibes, Best Buy is celebrating the Stanley Cup Playoffs by offering the iPhone 4 for $99.

The offer is only eligible to customers in BC (what about Habs fans?) that show a special playoff barcode to Best Buy cashiers in-store on game days. Game 1 versus Chicago starts today and game 2 is on Friday.

Important note: Best Buy is not officially announcing this deal until Friday, April 15th and will be posting a coupon on their website for all BC residents to print off and use. However Techvibes readers can access this deal today by printing off this blog post including the barcode to the right and taking it with you to your nearest Best Buy store.

The $99 price will definitely be on a 3-year term, but at that price you’re still saving (regular price $159). You can check out the deal here.

GO CANUCKS GO! Let us know if this deal works for you!

Thanks for the heads up @AppHipMom!


  • Calliope

    God I hope the Canucks are out in the first round.

  • Tironnahoser

    Yeah, really hate to keep the Cup in Canada….WTF???

  • Dt

    God i hope you die in a car crash

  • Tomsiphone

    Well, I guess the sale will NEVER happen in Toronto :))))!!!!! LOLOLOLO.

  • Hyperextension

    It’s going to be a rematch of 1994!! Canucks vs Rangers and sorry to say, the cup will go stateside again to my NYR. I am an Oiler fan first and foremost, but they are not in and NYR have always been my second.

    Oh God how I loved going into all the bars on Robson in 1994, especially when the NYR went up 3 games to 1. When the Canucks tied it up it was a little hairy, but we won.

    Let’s not forget that the Canucks were a crossbar away from being swept in that series.

  • Hyperextension

    Quote to my wife…”I miss you like the Leafs miss the playoffs…all the time!!” LOL

    I am an Albertan living in Toronto and GOD I hate the Leafs. Always have and always will. It gives me something to wake up for LOL.

  • Drocass

    Note: Must be wearing Vancouver jersey during purchase lol

  • Yamadorishitate

    I’m a Canucks fan and don’t hate anyone …

  • Rjrabb

    There ARE ‘nucks fans who live outside of B.C. Pity.

  • Anonymous

    I am a true toronto born,AND I HATE THE LEAFS!!!Ever since a kid seeing them fuck up in the playoffs. Leafs blow hard.