Best Buy to Offer iPhone 4 for Free on Contract This Friday


If you’ve been waiting to upgrade to an iPhone, Best Buy has informed us you can get the iPhone 4 for $0 on contract this Friday.

As part of their ‘Free Phone Fridays’ promotion, a 16GB iPhone 4 will be free on a three year contract from Rogers, Telus, Bell, Virgin, Fido and Sasktel. Even at ‘free’, the iPhone 4 is still a phenomenal phone. But, if you want the latest and greatest the iPhone 4S is probably calling your name.

Also, as part of their iPhone 4S launch, all Best Buy stores will open at 8AM. If you pre-ordered the iPhone 4S from Best Buy, you’ll need to pick up your order before 10AM.


  • Mike

    Is this free for new customers or hardware upgrades as well?

  • Freddy

    I would like to know this as well, last Friday Futureshop had the same promo, and my girlfriend went in and they were unable to give the deal because they said it was only for new customers. I would assume that this deal is the same, but it would be nice if someone could confirm.

  • cmr

    in the picture above it says on a “3 year new activation”.

  • Kingkopec

    Look at the pic. It says NEW activations