BlackBerry CEO: In 5 Years, We Won’t Have Need for Tablets Anymore


BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins believes the future need for tablets will be eliminated, as he believes they don’t make good business models, speaking with Bloomberg:

“In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore,”


“Maybe a big screen in your workspace, but not a tablet as such. Tablets themselves are not a good business model.”

Heins says the company will not pursue a BlackBerry PlayBook successor unless they can deliver something unique in a crowded market. The company took a $485 million write-off on the PlayBook in December of 2011, as sales of the hyped tablet were disappointing. Wall Street punished the stock 9.74% immediately after the announcement.

The CEO went on to say in five years, he envisions “BlackBerry to be the absolute leader in mobile computing,” as part of their plans to regain market share–“but not by being a copycat.”

Heins took over as president and CEO back in January of 2012, replacing former co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis after they both resigned. Below is a video the company used to introduce the new CEO at the time:

BlackBerry aims to make itself relevant again with recent launches of the Z10 and upcoming Q10 coming soon.

Apple sold 19.5 million iPads in its most recent quarter, a 65% increase compared to the year ago quarter. Is Heins onto something here we don’t know about?


  • sukisszoze

    May be RIM is making a phone with an 11″ screen…oh..wait..I envision there will be a new CEO running RIM in 5 years..that’s if RIM still around..

  • K3

    why do I have those two mice in mind now- “what are we doing tonight Brain?” (Brain would fire people all the time and have a whacked comb over ) ????????????????????

  • FragilityG4

    Coming from a company with a flop of a tablet and a phone with a physical keyboard … Yeah I’ll put stock in what he says …..

  • K3

    give the guy some credit, he’s only saying that he believes Apple will have another revolutionary product out in five years.

  • I’m Canadian and would love to see Blackberry succeed (more competition and innovation is always better, imagine where the iPhone would be with no jailbreaking and no Andoid – they spurred Apple to develop the App Store and be better). That being said, this is the scond time in several months where this CEO has showed a real inability to read the market. Blackberry has their days numbered…

  • pppp

    Nice! He foresees future. But, wait. How come he didn’t see RIM going down????

  • I’ve giving up on commenting anything from BB a long time ago! 😉

  • Bob

    Completely unrelated to this article, but I really can’t stand this new layout for iphoneincanada. There was nothing wrong with the old layout. I’ve been reading this blog for years, and I find this too pretty and lacking function. It’s irritating me.

    Thank you for efforts in the past though, I probably read this blog a little too much. Thanks for all the fish.

  • Yermumma

    Heinz isn’t qualified to manage a ketchup factory. He’s inherited arrogance from the previous co-CEO tools, and added his stupidity to the mess. What a clown

  • Yermumma

    Lol. True that no one releases a product until they have an opportunity to copy apple. And when they fail at it, they claim its the product “idea” that fails, and not just their implementation. Good grief.

  • Joe Blow

    As a proud Canadian, I actually secretly hoped that Blackberry would turn their fortunes around and once again become a major player in the smartphone industry. It seems to me that like Nortel, Blackberry is too circling the drain. I would like to agree with Heinz’s opinion that soon tablets will be obsolete, but frankly, I think he’s dead wrong. I have both a smartphone and a tablet used for distinctly different purposes and do not forsee either going obsolete. Phablets (i.e. Samsung Note) are way too big for everyday use a smartphone, and even larger smartphones such as the Galaxy S4 are still too small to function as a tablet. Therefore, I can’t agree with BB CEO…

  • hes an idiot

  • mackman6151

    “But not by being a copycat”….hmmm wonder what phone the Z10 looks like? What about its new pages of icon layouts, and “notification center” lol

  • fredf

    I totally agree

  • fredf

    You’re an idiot. All CEOs say the same thing about how they are the future. Put his words in Jobs’ mouth and you would be saying ‘what a visionary’.
    He’s doing the best he can in a very difficult situation.

  • djepsilon

    He is right. The holographic iWatch will do everything that a tablet used to do without all of the bulk 🙂

  • George

    You forgot one important note bb shill – that being that jobs was right 100% of the time in regards to mobile computing. The numbers prove it, unlike bb’s mess if a company.

  • ChrisSteves

    I agree, the new layout has violated a bunch of important rules, like adds in the navigation components (banners toolbars etc.).