Blog Update: Has Rebranded to


We’ve had a deal in the works for the past while now, and we’re happy to announce that we’ve managed to rebrand to a new domain that reflects the current state of Apple products. We’re not just about the iPhone anymore.

When the Change Will Take Affect

Starting at 6PM PST today, will be re-branded and automatically forwarded to our new domain, You still might see, but keep refreshing as the new name servers take time to propagate.

When we found out this unique name will fit perfectly with our iPhone community. The purchase was quite the steal, as the domain squatter relented after shameless begging over 6 days of email tag. In the end, we scored a deal as it only cost us $549 US.

Expect The Same Great Canadian Content, But Just With a New Name

We hope you’ll stick with us for this next adventure. Don’t worry, we’ll continue to focus on Canada and represent this fine, fine nation. Our domain has changed, but the same great content will stay the same. Sure, some of you might miss, but we still have iPhone 5 coming our way right?

For those asking, here’s a sneak peak at our upcoming new logo (click the image below for a preview of the new layout):

Gary Ng
Founder (formerly, 2007-2011)

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  • BBLB

    Happy April Fools Day!

  • LOL amazing!!! I was like wtf what a stupid name. I totally deserved this.

  • Ex

    It’s been a long journey. Great changes coming at 6pm!

  • Aistrho

    Come on Gary, last year’s April Fools joke was much better than this! I was looking forward to something jaw dropping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Flex260

    I’m gonna punch ur face if I see u in public Gary ! I ‘m kinda a big deal!!! 4L!! 04/01!!

  • Anonymous

    You guys got me good. I stared at my screen for 5 mins before bursting out laughing. I’m still mildly horrified, tbh.

  • Anonymous

    Hahs devices4u hahaha that is so damn ugly!

  • Scottlutke

    That’s the best April Fool’s Day joke you can come up with?

  • Spnsir

    You got me! When I saw the logo, I started to think WTF is this guy doing. Then I got Rick Rolled.

    Lol, good stuff

  • MrAnonymous

    Well if you don’t register that domain, I will 🙂

  • you had me going until i hit the comments, but i do hope you guys do merge the ipad and iphone sites and get more into mac stuff with an all-in-one site

  • Zeus_369

    Ha ha!!! Great April Fools attempt!

  • Anonymous

    Hurry up Gary. I want to see the new site.

    Your preview link is broken

  • Mohsin Syed

    Happy April fools day!

  • True, you could have done better! then again, the idea of merging iphone and ipad in canada is a good, you’re kinda doing it in the podcast! Keep it up guys! Hope next 2012 Aprils Fool is improves!

  • Got to be April Fools lol
    or it would be more like this “IphoneInCanada Presents its new ReBranded 4G network” 😛

  • Chris

    Saw that a mile away but still made me laugh!

  • ReyT

    For awhile I thought….then I saw the logo! ‘Couldn’t stop laughing!

  • Anonymous

    April fools!!

  • Guest

    Sweet G, my jaw and eyes dropped when I saw the logo. And I switched from RSS to web view just to make sure commenters would cry in pain and anger. Thank you commenters for bringing me back to life !

  • Gargan6uan

    I got rick rolled. Nice one.

  • ZEE

    I think this website truely reflects the Apple products and Canadians. I prefered the old name, as there are already tons of website with info on iOS products and updates. This new domain name may bring somes changes in terms of canadian searching for apple products related news for Canada ONLY..

  • Danny

    April fools? guaranteed!!

  • Kirk Armstrong

    LOL APRIL FOOLS! Nice try! 😀

  • Anonymous

    I liked the joke. The iOS devices part made it somewhat believable if a little average-consumer unfriendly, you lost me at the “” part. We all know nobody would ever willingly switch to a .biz domain.

  • Toby C

    Was reading this thinking someone had lost their brain when making this choice and was sad to see the site as I knew it go. Only been a member for coming up on 12 months so didn’t even think of it being April fools. You got me. Good one!

  • Anonymous

    I uusually suspend my belief of stories that are a little out there on today’s date. 🙂

  • Thanks for reading–April Fools everyone (if you didn’t figure it out already)! 🙂

  • Bring it on!

  • Hello All, I have been pondering over whether or not i should jailbreak my iphone 4. Should I wait till the warranty is out. Also, what is the probability I can damage my phone by jailbreaking as I havent done it before.