Breaking Down Apple’s Billions [INFOGRAPHIC]


Apple is without a doubt the most valuable company in the world. Only yesterday, we found out that Apple has become the world’s largest smartphone vendor as reflected by global shipments for Q4 2011. Earlier this week, the company reported a record net profit of more than $13.6 billion for its final quarter of 2011. Tim Cook alone made $378 million last year, earning him the title of highest-paid CEO in the world. As put into words by Mashable, “it seems unimaginable to see how far $400 billion could be used“.

The infographic below puts into perspective Apple’s monetary power and influence around the world. Check it out:


  • Travispellet

    all the money in the world couldn’t keep steve jobs alive…..

  • Dan

    that just makes 0 sense..

  • Max

    Actually it makes perfect sense. he’s saying even if you had all the money in the world (like steve jobs did) you still can’t buy good health.

  • Kraken

    More like all the money in the world can’t buy you common sense.  After Steve found out he had a cancerous tumor, he relied on a diet instead of surgery – waited 9 months to get it removed.  By then, it was too late.  Chances are, he’d still be alive if the tumor was removed right away.

  • I think that 9 out of 10 persons diagnosed with a pancreatic cancer (what Steve Jobs had), are dead within 6 to 12 months…
    So considering this, Jobs did what was good for him if he survived for 7 years…

  • Kraken

    Nope.  He had a very rare form of pancreatic cancer that was 100% curable with surgery (the catch is, you have to have it done immediately).  He mentioned it in his Stanford commencement speech.  But what he forgot to mention was that he waited 9 months because he wanted to try out some BS diet treatment.  Way too late.  Cancer had spread, which lead to a liver transplant later on and ultimately his death.