Canada’s First Samsung Store Opens in Metro Vancouver, Backed by a Secret Canadian Wireless Company [Update]


Image via the Vancouver Sun

Back in May, we reported on Samsung’s announcement of its plans to open its first Canadian retail store in Vancouver. Two months later, it looks like the store has been completed. Our friend Gillian Shaw from the Vancouver Sun happened to get a sneak peek at Canada’s first Samsung retail store prior to its opening today at Metrotown Mall in Burnaby today.

The 140 square metre store looks to take a play out of Apple (which also has a location in the mall) with a simple and sleek looking store that allows customers to go hands-on with devices such as the latest flagship Galaxy S III. Customers will find accessories lined up alongside the walls and a similar ‘Genius Bar’ at the back of the store to assist customers and also offer one-on-one sessions.

What’s interesting is Samsung’s director of channel sales, Nelson Lemos, confirmed to Shaw there is a secret silent partner for the store, which he noted to be a Canadian wireless company. So which carrier could be secretly backing the store? Rogers? Telus? Bell? Take your pick–it might even be all three.

Check out the video below and tell me what you think (it does resemble another store…):

Did you happen to visit the Samsung retail store at Metrotown? How was it?

Update 1: According to ‘guest’ in the comments, this Samsung Store is owned and operated by Burnaby-based Glentel, the same company that owns Wireless Wave, T-Booth and recently acquired 80% of the Apple reseller Mac Station.


  • Really? Backed by a carrier who doesn’t even want the advertising plastered all over the store? That seems a little strange to me. This carrier is so scared of Apple needing a competitor that it will subsidize a Samsung store? There must be some changes coming to the store in the future for the benefit of the carrier…otherwise, I don’t get it.

  • chef shorty

    It’s not backed by a Candian Wireless carrier, but a Canadian Wireless company.

    So it’s not Bell, Rogers, or Telus.

  • draz

    My guess is Bell because it was a huge partner in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics along with Samsung. The Vancouver Sun link mentioned that Samsung picked Vancouver as their first Canadian store because of the partnerships made during the Olympics.

    Hopefully Samsung activates and stocks phones for all carriers, including the smaller ones, at that store and not just Bell (or whatever ‘secret’ company they partnered with)

  • Ex

    Any device that needs to “educate” a consumer has already failed.

  • Guest

    This store is owned by Glentel. Same company that owns and operates Wireless Wave, T-Booth, Mac Station and now this Samsung store.

  • guest



    woow that took long time samsung store as been here for so long now Canada is always last for everything lol


    Just another shameless rip-off. I use Apple products, not cause I’m a fan-boy but because they work and they work TOGETHER. If samsung were to revert to INNOVATION rather than shameless and blatant copying of APPLE, I could respect that. Brutal.

  • Voxx23

    Overpriced. All S3 accessories were at least $10 more than best buy .. Not copy cat of the apple store, but clearly influenced.

  • Curtis Corcoran

    I think Samsung will do very well in Canada. I am excited to see them come into our area. I work for WIRELESS etc… (GlenTel) and love selling their products. They’ve been very reliable for as many as I sell and always bringing out new and innovative features with each release. And when something does go wrong with a Samsung device, usually it is very simple to fix. They’re always trying to get stronger with better screens, better processors, and really will bring great things now having a store in Canada.

    *Note any posts made by myself are not the views, opinions, or in any form related directly or indirectly to my employer or employer’s partners*

  • Zee

    Well I had the experience of taking a defective S4 into the Metrotown Samsung store. This is the first Samsung phone I have owned. I was iphone owner iPhone 3S, 4 AND 4S. I changed because I believe android to be a better system at this time. I never had any problems with iPhones but went with my son several times and wow they really treat their customers WELL!! I would rate Apple store service 10+. So lets begin as I walk into Samsung store with a S4 their flagship phone, okay it’s a nice store not at all like Apple store. I was greeted by and asked my problem. well it took some time to convince them the problem was real, then they wanted proof the phone was not stolen, they did not like the warranty paper I had from Fido but they did relent. Now they tell me they have to send my phone out for about 2 weeks, but if I give them a $200 deposit they will give me a loaner. So I did and they gave me a battered old Google phone probably cost less than $200 new. I am sure they plan on charging me something for this abuse but I won’t know for 2 weeks or more. So I give Samsung a 2 for customer service. so here’s my rating of iphone phone .. quality and performance 8 .. service 10+ …. and for Samsung S4 quality and performance 9 … service 2. …. My personal view : If your spending big bucks on a smart phone maybe how the company support their products should be a very high consideration. All companies do not treat their customers the same, maybe this explains the loyalty iPhone users have to Apple. Just my opinion

  • Thanks for sharing. Can’t imagine what others are left with when there are no Samsung stores around.

  • Louie Kulla

    Listen, this is an insider tip from a former employee of Samsung Jung daegu plant. I have nothing to gain from this. I do not endorse any phone brand. But, this has to come out for the sake of every hard Working consumer… There are 40 million units of unsold galaxy s5 in warehouses globally. Samsung is not going to throw them away especially with these company profit downfall. The memo from the Samsung high executive division are going to salvage everything from the galaxy s 5 and rebrand them as the new galaxy s6.. To cut their losses.. Now, it is up to you ( the reader) to tell your friends / family about this cunning scheme. Cheers 2015…Canada!!