Check Out Acer’s Shameless iCloud Ripoff Called ‘AcerCloud’


We have all been cursing Samsung for a while now, a company trying real hard not to copy Apple for marketing its own gadgets but what Acer has done here, well I really don’t have words to describe it. As noted by The Verge, Acer demonstrated its new cloud based storage service today which is actually a pretty shameless ripoff (to say the least) of Apple’s iCloud service. Not only does its name sound similar to the iCloud, the “PicStream” element also sounds a lot like iCloud’s Photo Stream. In fact, Acer totally ripped off Apple’s keynote slide for iCloud (shown below).

As put into words by the source:

“Which is which?”,

“We try really hard to highlight the important distinctions that companies bring to their me-too services, but Acer isn’t making it easy. Let’s try a little harder next year, yeah guys?”

Here are the two slides:


  • Errrr… It’s not shameless when Apple rips someone off??? I drink the Apple kool aid too, but… Let’s not start think Apple invented Cloud computing. 😉

  • Johna

    iCloud has nothing to do with cloud computing. Try again.

  • Macshit

    Omg, let’s cry about it

  • Your kool-aid reference displays a lack of historical accuracy. The actual product used in Jonestown was Flavor-aid

  • Phil

    Thank you, iCloud is a storage system with the illusion of “Cloud Computing”, try looking up VMware on google 😉

  • Boozeman

    I’m not surprised.  Acer is a Chinese company after all.  And we all know China is the knock-off capital of the world.  LMAO

  • Whiskeysour

    LOL, as opposed to Apple’s shameless ripoff of Google’s cloud services? It’s a copycat world. Deal with it.

  • Guest

    All I need to tell if a post has been written by Usman is the title and occasionally the first sentence. I come here to read about the iphone not fanboy crap.