Check Out These Concept Images for the ‘New iPhone’ [PICS]


ADR Studios has previously released numerous concepts of the iPhone SJ and more. This time around they are back with their interpretation of the ‘new iPhone’, which they have deemed ‘three steps beyond’. Here’s what the ‘new iPhone’ will include:

  • SIM-free
  • two panel speakers, on the rear of it aluminum forged unibody
  • controls are now on the top and the edge is so thin
  • Three Retina Displays: strip at the top/bottom; main display
  • Home button integrated into bottom strip display
  • “led powered edge”. You can use it to show the strength of battery life or to show you a preferred caller: you can choose the color thanks to the led edge dedicated app.

Here are a few images below–tell us what you think of this unique concept of the next iPhone:

[via ADR Studios]


  • I don’t feel Apple’s esthetic here, not only with the hardware, but also with the lock screen changes; looks cheap.

  • Mark

    I love it, looks awesome.  Although I agree, it doesn’t feel like Apple.  

  • FragilityG4

    At least their stupid iPhone “SJ” looked nice enough that one might want it … This looks like crap and what I mean by crap is Samsung.

  • Tim R

    I’d be a proud owner! Love it

  • Abbas400

    It is so NOT apple!!

  • Fuck

    pure android inspired BS

  • Sorry for the poor soul who had to spend all the time rendering that.

    Go work for Sony. You must have looked at an Xperia too long. That looks NOTHING like a product Apple would bring out.

    With the SJ i thought you guys had decent skill at design/rendering, but obviously someones a few bricks short of a wall on this one.

  • Can I have some of what you are smoking?

  • JMCD23

    Sony and Apple had sex and then went on a diet.

  • Londonfish

    The thickness of the current model can stand on the side and take picture using a self-timer, which I do often. 3GS can’t, and other smart phones can’t coz they have a rounded edge or too thin. I am not sure I would like to trade that with a thin edge.

  • Leandrefaucher

    Just a ultra slim nexus…

  • Prailor

    Nope, doesn’t look like something apple would make at all

  • Greed

    HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA wow people believe ANYTHING written on the internet these days. iphone steve-jobs = hahahahahahahaha

    second of all, phones are become faster (better cpu and gpu), they require more battery! the phones are not going to become faster and super slim anymore than they already are.

  • Codeblue009

    iAndroid….i usually like all the concept modles, but this one, not so much….on the other hand if they released it tomorrow i’d b like “Apple, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”.

  • DjDATZ

    Oh, if only!

  • Kraken

    Other than the curve on the back (prefer it to be glass and flush like current iPhone), I like this concept.  Thin edge-to-edge display, and that stupid huge-ass home button is gone (it takes up way too much needed screen space).

  • Kosmo

    Ugly. Also, the 3 displays are 2 more than actually makes sense. 

  • Kirk

    Umm no.. Those look horrible.

  • Chris

    Really nice love it

  • susanl

    So if this is it we’ll have to go out and buy new docking stations. More money to waste.  Maybe they’ll come out with adapters.  Design is going more towards what corning pictured for thier Gorilla Glass usage. Because of it’s strength it can go to the edge or be the unit completely. Nice to look at though. I don’t see the ‘Face Time’ camera though.  I’m I missing something, or is it?

  • manu

    Honestly, if it is not to launch the new iphone about this concept here … I will be forced to switch to samsung and buy the SIII or S4. I enjoyed this concept…..