Exclusive: Halifax Apple Store Confirmed as Floor Plans Reveal Store Layout [Update]


Update 1: After further inspection the Halifax Apple Store will resemble the Oakridge Centre Apple Store with a deeper, extended layout rather than the smaller downtown Vancouver location. Pic below:


It’s no secret that Halifax is set to receive its first Apple Store. Earlier whispers of construction at the Halifax Shopping Centre near the Sears has hinted a store is coming, along with lots of locals talking about the store on the ground. The store is all but unofficially confirmed.

We have received some documents that detail more about the location and exact layout of the Halifax Apple Store. The store front will span 32 feet across according to store drawings, and the store layout will be rectangular in shape, similar to the layout of the downtown Vancouver Apple Store. The location itself is next to the entrance of Sears.

These current drawings were last revised and updated on July 27, 2011:

Currently, the second floor of the mall is under construction to extend the new retail space. According to our source, actual construction of the store itself will begin on April 1st, and is a 12 week project. If all goes as planned, the store will be completed by the end of June, and we could assume a Fall launch would be in the works, possibly in time for the next iPhone?

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  • Anonymous

    So all 390000 people can now enjoy an apple store

  • Anonymous

    An Apple store in every province except Saskatchewan.  : (

  • None in PEI, NB, or NL either but I’m sure Saskatoon is further up on the list than any of those provinces.  I live in Yellowknife so I don’t even bother dreaming of a local Apple store.

  • Think it into existence! It’s coming…

  • RaphaelNinjaFool

    And everyone from the above mentioned provinces, NB/PEI, as well. Halifax is a good location.

  • Those are some lucky people.

  • Tjmcd1

    it would be nice if they stopped building in toronto and dispersed them more. i would one one in niagara falls

  • YES!!!!!!!

  • Close to a million people live in the province, and many, many of them travel into Halifax to do their shopping, especially around xmas. Not to mention those from NB and PEI that come into town.

    Yes, it’s a small population, but it’s also the only logical place for a store right now east of Montreal, and I guarantee it’ll do well.

    Not sure why there is animosity against any place getting a store, except maybe for jealousy? The more Apple Stores the better, I say!

  • Saskatoon will get one eventually, but it does have quite a small population – even smaller than Halifax and it doesn’t have as many people within a couple hours’ drive. Keep the faith! 🙂

  • Haliguy

    Wow Halifax Shopping Centre is on a roll! Great to see

  • BettyKoyle

    London Ontario is also very lucky to get one! Metro of about 452,000 people 

  • Anonymous

    Nope no jealousy here I live in Toronto lots of apple stores to choose from 🙂

  • Anonymous

    True I forgot that the entire easy coast is basically one province

  • Guest

    PEI? NB? NFLD? Since when is everything west of Quebec “every province”?

  • Jonah Hubley

    Man it’s going to be great living a 10 minute walk from an apple store :’)