Facebook Messenger Gets Speedy FacePile Read Receipts


As pointed out by TechCrunch, Facebook Messenger has today received new FacePile read receipts on both iOS and Android apps, in the form of an animation that shows you whether your message is sending, sent, delivered, or read. Furthermore, Messenger now uses your photos of your friends’ faces instead of tiny gray text to show exactly who in the conversation has seen what.

Sending sent delivered

Facebook’s Product Manager Lexi Franklin said, “What were really want is Messenger to feel like the fastest and most reliable mobile messaging product”. “We’ve done a lot of work on performance on the backend, reducing end-to-end latency…to improve efficiency on all device types”, he added. David Marcus, Facebook’s new head of Messenger believes speed is critical, saying “while most people don’t think about it, they can feel it”.

“Franklin admits “There are tons of things we’re thinking about so we can create cool experience.” First thing’s first, though. Make messenger the fastest and clearest way to chat. Facebook might want you to spend as much time as possible on News Feed. But Franklin says the goal of Messenger and its new read receipts is to let you send a message and know it was delivered as quickly as possible so you can put your phone back in your pocket.”

Messenger facepile read receipts

Facebook hopes doubling down on the core experience of chat will give it an edge as it fights a global war for messaging with the likes of WeChat, KakaoTalk, and Kik messengers.


  • Setak

    What’s the difference between ”sent” and ”delivered” ?

  • Mike Fradette

    Sent means the message has been sent from your device to Facebook’s servers. Delivered means the message has been delivered from their server to the user’s device or messages page.

  • Liz

    Any idea why a message would say sent for days, but never turn to delivered? Does that mean they haven’t been notified that they have a message?

  • Kim

    If I’m on messenger with someone and another person messages me does that person get a read receipt? It pops up in screen while I’m active! Do I actually have to click out of the first conversation and then select new message before the second person gets read receipt?