Fox 5 News Reports Amazingly Incorrect iPhone 5 Features [HUMOUR]


The iPhone 5 upgrade was great, don’t get me wrong, but Fox 5 news of New York has taken it to the next level. While broadcasting live from the Apple store line in New York, the reporter began discussing features of the iPhone 5. Nearly every single aspect they mentioned was wrong, despite the price-point and size.

Here are the reporter’s exact words:

“Staring at $200, the iPhone 5 is sleeker, has a laser keyboard, holographic images and other cool new features.”

I’m not even all to sure that the report was a joke, the tone was very serious. How they went about obtaining this information just flusters me. The footage shown in the report was taken from an iPhone 5 concept video.

Watch the official video below. Skip to the 0:42 mark to see the incorrect statements on the iPhone 5:

The concept was created back during August of 2011, you can actually view the video here. The video even states it’s simply a concept, which really stumps me on how that even got aired.

[via iMore]


  • djepsilon

    I don’t think that was a joke. Just straight up stupidity.

  • RyanStOnge

    Probably wasn’t a joke, but it’s just too hard to believe a news station would air that.


  • crosseyed_mofo

    wait this ISNT the iphone 5? >:(

  • iFone

    EPIC FAIL! Period.

  • rvs007

    Looks like the news report didn’t do her homework and just googled for iPhone 5 and maybe the concept video was one of the links she used to get info from. Epic fail… but this is FOX News… so it’s no surprise.

  • FlipFuzion

    awwww no lasers?? Forget it then! lol

  • LOL! What will they fuck up next?

  • I’ve had countless people describe these very features as iPhone 5 exclusives for the past few months. It has been both irritating and jaw dropping how people could believe this nonsense. To be honest though, what struck me the most is that people would believe Apple would have put a preview of the new device so many months before it was to be announced.

  • Fox Noise report iPhone 5 news like they do political news all in fiction.