Future Shop Trade-In Offers For Your Old iPhone


Future Shop stores across Canada will open early at 8AM in preparation for the iPhone 4S launch. The company offered pre-orders for all carriers last week.

Today we have info they are increasing their trade-in values for the iPhone 3GS and 16G/32G iPhone 4 models, as we’ve been informed. Starting tomorrow until November 30th, 2011, you can receive the following amounts in gift cards should you choose to trade in your old iPhone:

· iPhone 3GS – $100 Future Shop gift card
· iPhone 4 16GB – $160 Future Shop gift card
· iPhone 4 32GB – $190 Future Shop gift card

If you can’t be bothered to sell your old iPhone and are open to trading it in for a Future Shop gift card, just bring your device to the cellular department in the store. Old phones will be given to a third party, where they will be either re-sold or recycled.

Obviously hardcore iPhone users would never do something like this. But for the average Joe/Jane that can’t be bothered, this is an option to get rid of your old iPhone.


  • Brian

    It’s amazing that people actually sell their phones for so cheap. Who would sell an iPhone 4 for $500 less than they paid for it less than a year ago? Even a locked device is worth twice that amount, easily, on the secondary market. People must be fooled by the fact that they think they only paid $159 for a 16GB model.

  • Bug No.1

    Then I’ll keep mine! As a matter of fact, this just made me decide to collect iPhones!

  • Vic Chan01

    iPhone 4 32GB – $190 Future Shop gift card… come on… it worth way more than that…

  • My 3GS is nearly toast, and I’m upgrading to the 4S. For me, this is certainly more worthwhile than not being able to sell the old one at any respectable price 😛

  • I’ll give anyone 200$ for their old functional iPhone 4’s 😉

  • Outerheaven26

    No way! FS is ripping you off! There’s no way I trade my iPhone 4 for $190!!!

  • Shitburger

    This service is perfect for people who have no concept of money.

  • Frankie

    At craigslist you can sell it for $250. iPhone 4 in good condition goes for $300 (16GB) to $450 for 32 GB.

  • Kraken

    Rip-off is right.  You can easily get double those prices selling them on Craigslist.

  • Frankie

    That’s selling it in less than 12 hours as iPhones are hot selling items.

  • Mouss12

    Can you sell them a “brick” iPhone? Good option if yours is totally toast, unless don’t bother. Do some work and make 2x that.

  • Liam

    what, no trade in for my original 3G? 🙁

  • Morgan

    I do agree that the cell phone providers put the cost of the subsidy into your monthly contract, but saying that the subsidized phone actually costs the person full price is slightly skewed logic in my opinion. That argument would stand if users had the option of bringing a free phone to the network and getting a $600 credit on their account. But that is not an option. Users are charged the exact same price for their monthly contract regardless of weather they buy the subsidized phone or not. Am I missing something?

  • Kraken

    Nope. It has to be working and not broken (cracked screen, etc.), or no credit.

  • Poochi

    Average Joe should get their techie buddies to sell it for them.

    Selling for GIFT CARD (NOT CASH) for the amount stated is a freaking joke. 

  • Poochi

    I would very much like Rogers to give me $20/month credit in lieu of hardware upgrades.  I would honestly forgone ANY hardware subsidies for as little as an extra $15/month on top of my negotiated discount. 

  • Poochi

    You can probably get $100 on Craigslist I think lol

  • Poochi

    YEAH RIGHT.  The price they offered IS for BROKEN iPHONE (salvage for parts). 

  • Poochi


    If I were desperate enough to sell $190 to Futureshop for gift cards, they better give me GROCERY GIFT CARDS to a supermarket of my choice. 

  • Poochi

    I listed my iPhone 4 – 16GB locked to Rogers for $375, got 15 inquiries in 45 min and cash in hand in less than 2 hours. 

    Also remember to add $50 for factory unlocked version.