Geekaphone Infographic: How Green Is The iPhone?

Geekaphone had just finished a “green study” of the iPhone and published their findings in a nice infographic.

Apple pulls in close to 50% of total global cellphone profits by selling only 4% of all cellphones, with that kind of profit and over 100 million iPhones sold Apple is a legitimate gorilla.

There are both positive and negative points in the graphic but overall it seems that the iPhone, and Apple, are fairly green.

Check it out!


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  • Sparky

    Very interesting! Thanks.

  • Preetksingh6


  • Anonymous

    Some interesting info. Unfortunately I can’t trust it due to the extreme lack of logic in the recycling section.

    47,000,000 iPhones bought in 2010
    4,7000,000 iPhones recycled
    42,300,000 iPhones trashed

    Has everyone who bought an iPhone in 2010 already thrown theirs out.